Students Backs Adamu Adamu on Sex Education Removal from Basic School Curriculum

The leadership of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) B-Zone commends Mallam Adamu Adamu, the Honourable Minister of Education, for ordering the National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) to immediately remove Sex Education from the core curriculum of Basic Schools. This is in line with the sentiments of other well-meaning Nigerians.

With the theme ““Strengthening of Security and Safety in Nigerian Schools for the Achievement of Education 2030 Agenda,” Mallam Adamu gave this directive as he opened the Ministerial Session of the 66th National Council on Education (NCE) meeting in Abuja.

“Sex education according to Alhaji Adamu, should be left in the hands of parents and religious institutions and not be taught in schools in a manner that would further corrupt little children who are already having access to phones and technologies,”

The Amir/Coordinator Qaasim Odedeji, the Secretary Abdul Jalil Abdur Razaq, and the Public Relations Officer Moshood Tahir all signed a statement that read:

“The MSSN finds this directive to be appropriate, reasonable and logical, especially at this time when sexualizing youngsters in the name of imparting sex education in schools is emerging as the standard.

“Nigeria is on the brink of moral degradation with all the imported sexual content and behaviours that have pervaded the traditional and social media in the name of films and TV shows, which have negatively affected our youths that led them to commit rape and all other sexual vices.

“This instruction is not only appropriate; it should also be strictly followed through to guarantee its implementation in all elementary and secondary schools across the country.

“Nigerian children now require religious, moral, and civic education rather than sex education. Children must be taught how to recognise and worship God in accordance with their parents’ religious beliefs. They must also be instilled with sound moral education at home and in school. They should also be taught how to be patriotic to their country, Nigeria, and how to be good ambassadors for the country, as well as how to contribute their fair share to the development of the country when they grow up.

“Just as the Honourable Minister had instructed, Sex Education should be left to the parents and religious bodies. It should be taught in a manner that will not expose the children to unnecessary and lustful sexual content. Only parents and upright religious teachers can impact this knowledge appropriately not the school.

“MSSN wishes to urge the Minister, for the sake of emphasis, to ensure that NERDC comply with the directive, and get it fully implemented in all private and public schools, with appropriate deterrence to violators.

“We also appeal to the Federal and State Ministries of Education and all its agencies saddled with the responsibility of approving textbooks for primary and secondary to conduct proper screening of their textbooks before approval to prevent children from being exposed to either subtle or explicit sexual contents in their textbooks, especially in the Civic Education and Social Studies subjects.”


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