Nigerian Scholars Attends Int’l Conference of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt

Renowned Islamic scholars participated in the 33rd International Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Arab Republic of Egypt. They included distinguished Nigerian scholars like His Eminence Sheikh Imran Abdul Majeed Eleha, General President of Daaru-Naim Academy For Shariah Sciences of Nigeria, the Eminent Dr. Sirajudeen Al-Asrau Bilal, and the Eminent Professor Khidr Abdul Baaqi Muhammad. The conference’s chairman was Sheikh Abdul Fattah Cissey (may Allaah keep them safe on goodness).


The International Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, which kicked off on September 24, 2022 in Cairo, entitled “Ijtihad is the necessity of the era.” The conference is organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments with the participation of the Ministers of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Muftis, and heads of Islamic institutions, universities, and Islamic societies from 90 countries.

The conference was opened by Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Jumaa, Minister of Awqaf. Meanwhile, the two-day event is held with the participation of more than 200 ministers, muftis, scientists, thinkers, and media professionals from 55 countries.

About 41 pieces of research were discussed through five axes; ijtihad is an urgent necessity in our present time, ijtihad and its controls, mujtahids and their preparation, urgent modern models in the economic, medical, veterinary, environment and other fields, as well as selected models of institutional diligence.


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