2024 Hajj: Shariah Council Calls for Government Intervention

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN) has urged the federal and state governments to intervene in the situation threatening Nigeria’s preparations for the 2024 hajj.

In a statement, SCSN Secretary General Nafi’u Baba-Ahmed voiced concern over the situation of Hajj preparations, noting that Nigeria has yet to make any substantial preparations despite deadlines set by Saudi authorities.

While warning that the current situation endangers intending pilgrims, Baba-Ahmed observed that the pace of preparations is instilling panic in pilgrims, “who have made payments are dubious of the possibility that they have made the appropriate payments, or if they will be allowed to perform the Hajj.

“The Council’s intensive consultations and investigations have revealed worrying gaps in the Hajj preparedness process. Deadlines set by Saudi Arabian officials are at risk of being missed, with thousands of potential pilgrims unclear if they have made the correct fees or if they will be able to undertake the Hajj.

“As of today, it is quite improbable that even half of Nigeria’s allocated spots will be filled. Even more concerning is the fact that thousands of people who have paid some amounts, including those who paid within the time frame given by NAHCON, as well as first-time payers, are at risk of being disallowed or prohibited from fulfilling this crucial commitment.

He further stated that the council is aware of attempts to address concerns arising as a result of the exchange rate fluctuations.”The Council applauds these efforts and emphasizes the importance of additional efforts by federal and state governments to remove all bottlenecks to the performance of the Hajj by as many Nigerians as possible.”

“Needless to say, the failure of Nigerian Muslims to do this year’s Hajj, or the loss of possibilities for thousands of those who have made attempts to pay, through no fault of their own, will be an unbearable affront.

“The Council thus begs to all elected persons and other notable Nigerians to participate towards averting a serious setback to the reasonable hopes of thousands of potential pilgrims and Muslims that their country will support them in performing.

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