7 Ways To Increase Concentration In Islam

Concentration is fundamental to attaining your goals. It is impossible to be a good student if the level of your concentration while studying is zero. Likewise, you can never be a practicing Muslim if you try to understand Islam with a distracted mind.

Concentration is undoubtedly key to a successful life, but it takes a lot to get the required focus and attention. Our brain starts functioning from the moment we are born. This means there are many things you may think about while worshiping and comprehending Islam.

Please do not let this habit stick to you because it can ruin your life. Although it is challenging to stay on track, some effort and determination can let you get a hold of your mind.

Let’s make our life much better with these practical tips by improving our concentration in everyday life;

1. Recite the Holy Quran

Being Muslims, we are privileged to have Holy Quran as an ultimate guide which we consult whenever we feel off the track. The holy Quran keeps our spirit alive and helps us choose a path to success.

You are in distress; this book will give you hope. You are in a dilemma; this book will show the righteous path. You feel distracted; this book will get your focus back.

Those who memorize the holy Quran never find themselves lost and confused. This is the best way to boost your concentration and focus. So keep your mind nourished with the daily dose of holy verses and spend a more disciplined and decent life.

2. Do Not Sleep After Fajr

Muslims are obliged to offer prayers five times a day. Besides serving religious duty, offering prayers at accurate prayer times keeps your routine upright.

“Certainly the Salah at fixed hours has been commanded on the believers.” (4:103)

You get a habit of doing tasks at their designated times and keep yourself away from things that can spoil your routine. The best way to stay concentrated all day is by getting up early for fajr and starting your day off right away.

Staying awake at night and sleeping till noon make you less of a human. So know the worth of time and stick to the schedule to get the most out of your day.

“Jaabir ibn Samurah said: He (Prophet Muhammad SAW) would not get up from the place where he offered fajr until the sun rose” (Sahih Muslim)

The messenger of Allah once said;

Allah said; when a man is asleep, Satan ties three knots over to his head and says, “stay asleep because the night is long.”

When the man gets up, one knot opens up; when he makes ablution, the second knot is untied, and when the man offers prayer, the last knot gets undone and he wakes up with refreshed and energetic heart, the other one who listens to Satan wakes up with lazy and impish heart. (Sahih Bukhari)

3. Accept Limitations

In this tech-teemed world, we have plenty of distractions, from a smartphone in our hand to the television on the walls. Many other tempting devices around you can break your attention.

Once you touch any of them, there is no way back and the outcome is ineffective. And the biggest culprit, social media, can you stay away from it? Sounds impossible, but yes, you can! Keep your work on priority and try to finish it on time. Limit the use of gadgets as you would lose track of time.

4. Make a Plan

It is pivotal to assess your personality and know your threshold. Reserve a particular time of the day and deal with all the pending tasks. For some, morning is the best time to work with complete concentration, while others consider midday or evenings as the best to deal with the challenges.

Know your limits; only push yourself as much as your capacity. Once you surpass your threshold level, nothing can keep you active and upright. So make a productive plan and do the task accordingly.

5. Eat Honey and Raisins

Your diet also plays a massive part in setting your routine and retaining concentration. Honey and raisins have been medically proven effective for a healthy mind and body.
These two are the favorite foods of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat Aisha (RA) once said;

I used to take a handful of dates and honey, crush them into powder, mix them with water and give it to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to drink. (Sunan Abu Dawud).

6. Avoid Multitasking

It is only possible to pass through two islands with one paddle. Some people think multitasking is productive, but it is only sometimes the case.
When you try to do multiple tasks simultaneously, you need help to finish even one task properly. The more you push yourself hard, the more you distract yourself from the track. Your concentration breaks into small, worthless pieces and all your efforts get in vain.

So stop indulging in multitasking and get one task done at a time. By doing this, you will get enough time for the next one. If the task is challenging, break it down into small pieces and learn bit by bit. This will help you hold your concentration and finish the task on time.

7. Make Dhikr and Dua

The verses of the Quran magically hit your soul and calm your mind. A calm mind, in turn, helps you better focus on your tasks. Dhikr and dua are two essentials of keeping yourself close to Allah.

Your hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah (13: 28)

While offering prayers and doing Dhikr, ensure you know what you are reciting. Focus on the words you pour out of your mouth and translate them into your language of preference. This way, you will be indulged in the worship and the attention will not be distracted.
There is a verse in Quran to help you if you frequently get distracted while doing Ibadah;

And Say; My Lord, I seek refuge in you from the provocation of the devil. My Lord! I seek refuge in you lest they be approaching me. (23; 97,98)


By following the principles of Islam, you can never lose track of time. We have listed the 7 most effective tips that will surely help you in going places. Offer prayers and recite the holy Quran regularly, avoid indulging in evil deeds, and do not let Satan destroy your mental peace. You are under the shadow of Allah, who loves His creature beyond your imagination.

Dur-e-Sabih provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. Her educational background in Accountancy helps her in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development, finance, and digital marketing.


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