Muslim Man from Katsina Returns iPhone 13 Pro Max, Worth ₦1M

Honesty is a good attribute and a blessing of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah gives this attribute to whomever He wills. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Honesty certainly leads to goodness, and goodness leads to paradise. Truly, a man keeps speaking the truth until he is inscribed as being true through and through. And lying leads to going wrong, and going wrong leads to hell. Labani, a Katsina State indigent, has gained notice for his exceptional honesty in a touching occurrence. Devoted to Islam, Labani recently showed everlasting honesty by returning an iPhone 13 Pro Max to its rightful owner.

This story began when the phone’s owner inadvertently placed it inside Labani’s keke, or tricycle. In keeping with his nature, Labani answered the phone as soon as the caller informed him about the forgotten item. He promised to return the phone as soon as he offloaded the passengers, even though he was carrying them.

Labani is popular on several blogs as well as Google. The video and post was shared on social media by a Facebook user, and it has since gone viral.

Her post reads: “Meet Labani he is from Katsina State. “He is a Muslim, he returned this my Friends iPhone 13 Pro Max that I am holding( left hand ) , the lady in the picture is the owner of the phone, the phone was mistakenly forgotten inside his Keke and he was called to return it.

“He said he will return it , that he is carrying passenger that once he offloads them he will come to the location and hand it over.

Not only did Labani honour his word, but he declined the first cash incentive that was extended to him once he returned the call. He highlighted that he cannot take what is not his own, citing his values as a devoted Muslim.

Labani showed a strong dedication to his principles by declining the award in spite of the owner’s demands. He eventually acknowledged the expression of gratitude, proving that his acts are motivated by honesty and integrity.

“He returned the phone and went back inside his Keke to drive off without requesting for anything , he was called back and was offered money in appreciation he declined but said he can’t see what’s not his own and take it that he is a core Muslim that they don’t steal, was begged to take the money which he later accepted.

“He needs to be appreciated God bless you Labani. Phone of over 1millon he returned it despite knowing the worth of the phone.”

She continued by saying, “I have received too many messages from Hausa tribe, talk of people looking for him are top dignitary in Katsina state and they want to reward him handsomely.

“You see what kindness does , I pray the post Favour’s him and beyond, he has made them proud.”

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