Kawu Malami: A Bauchi-Based Truck Pusher Who Has a Degree in Engineering

Malami is an engineering graduate from the University of Maiduguri, Borno State. He recently had an interview with The Whistlers, where he was asked so many questions including his decision to start the menial trade of water vending, although he has a degree in Engineering and the business is invariably known to be for those who have not been to school or those who come from rural communities.

Despite the fact that Malami has attained a certain height of success in life, he never let this mislead him. He doesn’t see the world the same way some (if not most, speaking with frankness and assurance) of the varsity students do. I don’t want to even talk about graduates here.

Nevertheless, surprisingly, Malami doesn’t come from a village, he is a resident of Bauchi State. Who knows, he may have had his A-level education at costly schools, rising in a city like Bauchi.

His experience came to the public knowledge after posting a picture of him pushing a truck filled with Jerry cans full of water, taking a large number of social media users by shock and surprise, generating a cloud of remarks from people within and outside the country.

In his interview with the above early said media outlet, Malami, who was obviously almost speechless, talked a little about his family and the whys behind his decision to venture into water selling.

Malami said that he’s selling water not because of anything, but because to compliment the meagre earnings he gets from his colorless civil service job, when he was asked after the reason he opts for water vending instead of engaging in Engineering related businesses.

“.…I have no capital to start up any engineering business. The only business I can think of doing that requires not much capital is water vending, popularly known as ‘Mai Ruwa’. I also sell water because the business is easy to set up. The amount of capital needed to purchase the wheel barrows and Jerry cans to run Mai Ruwa business is not much, as compared to setting up any engineering related business. Apart from that, water selling is also a business that can be independently set up without the need for assistance from any financier”.

Malami is, without an iota of doubt, the sort of people who eventually become rich oftentimes. This is because, he has an implacable level of self-contentment, which later paves a way for him to a more better future; to the world where success is not abstract; where anything is clear.

In conclusion, I must confess that I am exceedingly impressed by the man. Of course, I must also say that this surely complelled me to call to mind the conversations I had, a couple weeks ago, with some two individuals, who are final-year students of different herculean courses from different competitive varsities, where they professed that they couldn’t continue doing their businesses when their dreams are finally set ablaze even if there’s not a government job at hand.

If I can remember, I once made a social media post in regard to this. They share the same meaning. Notewithstanding, while I encourage all and sundry to be more extra focused upon chasing their long-nursed academic dreams, I suggest they should not stop here; instead, they should embrace their current low-scale businesses just as Malami does.

Muhammad Abubakar, Writes from Jos, Plateau State and can be contacted via: muhammadabubakarsulaiman070@gmail.com

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