Wonderful moment as lady completed memorizing the entire Holy Quran in Katsina

Through Quran memorization, Islam continued to manifest it influence in Katsina and Nigeria generally.

Globally, the culture of Quranic reading inculcates in people and promote the spread of Islam. Initially, the Quran was not written but was memorized and orally transmitted. The Prophet played a pivotal role in this. Upon receiving the revelations, he would recite them to his companions, who would then memorize and disseminate them.

Demographically, the Hausa people are the largest ethnic group in the state. Islam is the predominant religion, even though there are still little known families living in homesteads that practice Christianity and traditional religion. The Sharia is valid in the entire state. In 2005, Katsina became the fifth state in Nigeria to adopt Sharia law. The State hosts Al-Qalam University, the first Islamic university in Nigeria is privately owned.

Traditionally, the people of Katsina State have quite a number of unique norms, values and customs inherited and passed from generation to generation such as memorization of the Holy Quran.

Recently, Aisha Mu’azu, from the Katsina State, just finished memorizing the Qur’an and shared the momentous occasion on her social media account. She said: “My heart is filled with gratitude for having memorized the Holy Quran. Alhamdulillah hamdan katheeran dayyiban mubarakan ….”.

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