12-year-old Nigerian girl creates record-setting Robot, folds clothes in 3 seconds.


A revolutionary invention has emerged from the creative mind of Fathia Abdullahi, a 12-year-old Nigerian prodigy. In her quest to address the mundane chore of folding laundry, Fathia conceptualized and crafted a cutting-edge Robot capable of completing the task in a mere three seconds.

The Robot prototype boasts a sophisticated design, incorporating pins, beams, and an EV3 brick, a programmable circuit that facilitates the execution of basic functions. Positioned strategically in the middle of the robot on each side, the EV3 brick orchestrates the seamless folding of shirts, showcasing the ingenuity of Fathia’s creation.

Motivated by the desire to alleviate the burden of folding clothes, Fathia articulated her inspiration: “I made it because there are too many clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when you wash a lot.” The young inventor envisions refining and commercializing her creation, intending to introduce it to local markets to enhance the efficiency of household chores for others.

Remarkably, Fathia embarked on her coding journey at the tender age of 11, and within a year, she manifested her inventive prowess with the development of this remarkable robotic solution. Expressing her future aspirations, Fathia aspires to become a food scientist, envisaging the integration of her coding expertise into her chosen career path. “When I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist. I would be able to use this coding to build so many things that would help me,” she articulated with enthusiasm, showcasing her determination to make a meaningful impact in the realm of science and innovation.

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