Governor Bago affirms Niger’s support for the use of hijab

Governor Bago

Governor Mohammed Bago of Niger State vehemently reaffirmed the unequivocal endorsement of the state in supporting the right of female Muslim adherents to don the Hijab. This resolute affirmation comes in the wake of a circulating social media report, alleging that the state’s Commissioner for Education, Hajiya Hadiza, cast aspersions on teachers wearing Hijab, purportedly commenting that she ‘sees no reason why a female teacher will wear Hijab and be comfortable with her teaching.’

Issuing a statement on Sunday through his Chief Press Secretary, Bologi Ibrahim, Governor Bago meticulously clarified that his administration not only upholds but wholeheartedly endorses the wearing of Hijab, recognizing it as a religious obligation fortified by constitutional provisions. Ibrahim emphatically underscored that the Commissioner of Education’s statements were taken out of context, firmly asserting that, being a devout Muslim herself, she would never utter words against the Hijab.

Governor Bago eloquently expressed that the statement made by the commissioner is contextual and does not accurately represent the official stance of the state government concerning the utilization of Hijab by women in diverse professional domains.

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