To Reach Your Full Potential, You Must Do More

Most of us are averse to trying new things. Whether or not we want to admit it, many of us think they are doing well if they just do what is expected of them.

I believe that we all want greatness, but a few of us are willing to take the steps that lead there. This sounds counter-intuitive, but there is a very clear distinction here. To be successful, a person has to do more.

Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things. To start expanding your capacity, you have to grow and stretch. You have to stop doing only those things you have done before and start doing those additional worthy things you discover you could or should do.

Greatness is to reach beyond the status quo and relentlessly make sacrifices. Greatness doesn’t care what anyone thinks, while average gets its feelings hurt.

Try going out on a limb by doing new things. Greatness is creative, while average gets comfortable repeating the same old routine. Trying new things leads to new discoveries and the realization of things you should do on a consistent basis.

It’s ingrained in us to always want to feel at ease and not being tested. The pull of the comfort zone is strong, you may have to fight a battle more than once to step out.

Being comfortable in one’s own skin is, well, pleasant. However, comfort zone is one of human’s greatest built-in impediments. Getting out of your comfort zone necessitates intuition, which in turn expands your capacity. Getting out of your comfort zone is the initial step towards achieving a habit for excellence. To distinguish yourself, get noticed, and advance your career, you need to do and be more. You have to rise above average. Our lives improve only when we take chances. When you’re willing to try things out, you will expand your potential. If you don’t, you will plateau.

Remove the bad old habits and insert the good new ones. You can’t expand your potential by remaining what you are. The standards we must set for ourselves are constantly changing. What we should do evolves.

By practicing new skills and taking up new challenges, we counter intuitively start to feel more grounded.

Greatest opportunity requires your greatest effort. The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities you will be presented with.

Dr. Maryam Abimbola Mikail writes from Malaysia.


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