Jumu’ah Post: The Auspicious Visitor

The fact that every 9th (ninth) spot among each lunar cycle signifies a meritorious month (Ramadan) is no new thing for Muslims who are aware of their Deen, in appreciable details. It is that part of the hijrah year that incites the minds of Muslims – not leaving out the less conscious ones – towards the relevance and impact of the existing lunar months, and its arrival is, mostly in all the years, met with extraordinary embrace and preparation towards the navigation through its various course, for the purpose of reward maximization. The auspicious Ramadan builds in individual and groups, a seemingly sudden and mind-boggling consciousness of the Deen, that appears to set the believers on a worship spree that will be maintained by them, all through, till the end of time. Also embedded in this glorious month is multiple bonus of Jannah that comes with the price of righteousness which Muslims would wish to cling upon, in order to be among the beneficiaries of such inviting blessing.

The annual visit of Ramadan is one blessing, from the Almighty, never to be denied its acknowledgement as such, as it brings to light and firmness, the essence of humanity – majorly bordering on coming upon one another to give soothingness as pleasantly as possible – and spiritual consciousness which raises the bar of moral uprightness and spiritual attachment to the Creator of the universe.

A culture worthy of emulation – through out the span of our existence – is that serene culture of spiritual, moral, intellectual, charitable, friendliness, social-bonding commitment that Ramadan represents, for Islam as an all-encompassing way of life is not just about observing the 5 (five) daily prayers but an avenue that takes us through the rudiments of living life to please our Creator, by upholding the virtues we tend to restrict to Ramadan alone. This proves the need to always uphold the best of virtues, in accordance with our respective abilities, at all time, as we live.

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness.” (Q 2:183). Allah SWT, in His strong acknowledgent for fasting, has mentioned it to be a highly prescribed act of worship which He never spared those who preceded us in existence from and from which we may attain meritorious achievements of piety and righteousness, not just within the bounds of Ramadan but as well as our days beyond the confines of Ramadan, for everyday of our living should account for goodness, as that is a major duty been placed on the shoulders of creatures by the Creator.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan offers the latitude to spread goodness – acts that we all know will earn the pleasure of others and we aren’t ashamed to associate ourselves with – across every region without limits, thereby earning divine limitless blessings, in correspondence with the extent of the goodness invested. It is an act of worship which forms the 3rd (third) pillar of our noble Deen of Islam and has specific enshrined etiquettes required to take on it, in order to fulfil its obligatory aspects for full reward.

The gigantic enormity of greatness attached to the month of Ramadan, giving it the status of auspiciousness it has achieved, makes it a month that requires our extra efforts in the aspect of obligatory and supererogatory forms of worship, charity giving, and other forms of appealing actions that will maximize reward, as well as an extra inclination towards leaving the forbidden acts that we all know to be deeds that are not appealing to not just others but also to the doer, for the huge extent of blessings it stands for, corresponds to an equal level of sanction if one strays away from the righteous path in it.

The auspiciousness or meritoriousness of Ramadan is not only binded to the limitless reward on the littlest of good deeds it offers, but our valuable contribution to the world through our goodness in it, and the uphold of such goodness beyond Ramadan such that we will have a sane world of peace, tranquility and intentional humanity, is an undisputable gesture that paints that sensible picture of auspiciousness/meritoriousness we attach to it.

May Allah grant us the ability to live through and beyond Ramadan, provide for us the wherewithal, of every need, to successfully ride through its different segments and grant us, in abundance, the expected reward of our efforts in this life and the hereafter, Aameen.



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