Jumu’ah Post: Continuity in All Manner of Goodness

When we decide to tread a path of something beneficial – often times related to goodness – do we intend, from the onset of our thought of it, to make it just a momentary act or something we really want to uphold, so as for it to be gluing part of us, to further birth more goodness? Well, I hold that it, as much as possible, be held firmly to, as the essence of such a beneficial act is been defeated if it comes just as a fling, either by intention or unintentionally. It, definitely, is of no gain, to shut one’s mind against a perpetrated good act, only to befriend the opposite, afterwards. What is worthy of putting forth, in an act of kindness, is worthy to be firmly manned.

In our world we live in, it all seem to make little to zero sense to be on the spotlight of good manners for long and not see the gains of such gesture, due to our emotional side of wanting to rapidly – or maybe greedily – reap what we sow or are sowing. This mindset, most often than not, will then contribute to redirecting us to find solace in holding back our goodness or at worse, resort to perpetrating evil, either to counter the effect of whatever ‘gainless’ goodness we must have done or have a relief of not stressing ourselves to goodness that will not fetch ‘instant’ rewards. It is such a dirty disposition and it is saddening to think that humanity is quick losing its status if we cannot perpetrate goodness with the mindset of selflessness, which will, in turn, benefit us in folds, divinely.

The fact of the matter is that no act of goodness goes unrewarded, as Allah promises us that “Then, as for those who believed and did righteous good deeds, their Lord will admit them to His Mercy. That will be the evident success.” [Al-Jathiya 45:30]. He blesses us even beyond what we expect of rewards to be gained from bringing forth good deeds, but the problem is that we are midget-minded to always think of rewards as things that should come instantly rather than stay patient to achieve.

Regardless of the act of goodness we wish to do, staying intentionally and deliberately on the thought of making it a permanent emblem on us, will not just picture us as good-hearted, but will shape us into a better form of ourselves, in the sense that we will continue to grow in goodness, realizing the reward of sowing into goodness, and be conditioned to be immuned to vices that may corrupt our being and status in the sight of Allah. Tiny drops, they say, of water forms a mighty ocean. If we invest in positivity of any manner in a tirelessly continuous way, we can be rest assured of a gigantic benefit that will surpass our own imagination, bi idhniLLAH.

May Allah make us better persons that will prioritize good and be rewarded with good, Aameen.

Allahumma ballighnaa Ramadān.


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