Oluko Mi (My Teacher), a poem by Azeez Surajud Olatunde

Oluko Mi
(My Teacher)

Ebami ki Oluko mi
(Send my regards to my teacher)

Omumi we ninu omi ogbon
(He makes me swim in ocean of knowledge)

Eniyan Pataki ni Tisa pelu
(Teachers are valuable people)

O poo eko lakayi fun mi gbemu
(He feeds me with pap of intelligence)

Ti Oromodie mi ba mu orile akitan
(If I am up to make mistake my choice)

O ti fa pasan yo ni kolofin
(He brought cane from hidden place)

Ti ise bako ti ko ye mi
(If work remains unclear)

O ti pemi joko basoro
(He sat me down to explain)

See bee iriri lagba
(Experience is determine maturity)

O fi iriri je n mo otun yato si osi
(He used experience to let me know right from wrong )

Bi o si Oluko, aye iba ma se gbe
(If there is no teacher, life may not be convenient)

Awujo didara wa lowo Oluko
(They define what the society is)

Won ki n se eni arisa
(Teachers are not people to avoid)

Eni aponle ati iyi loluko je
(They valuable assets to cherish)

Ka parapo gbe Oluko laruge
(Let us join hands to celebrate them)

Happy Teachers Day

Azeez Surajud Olatunde writes from Ibadan, Nigeria


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