Dr Daud Amoo Alaga, a poem by Azeez Surajudeen Olatunde

Dr Daud Amoo Alaga,

Man that grows young
In his strong voice
Loud and clear
In fun uniform
Fade-less father like sun

Sweet sonorous voice
Lived amidst facts
Dangling the ears
By blown piper

Your slogan
Behold of strength
To revive the congregation
From slumbering dream

White shining hair
Stands so tall
On the endowed brain
With the whining that wine and dine

Baba is endowed
No wonder words come with ease
Shot from gun of tongue
Loaded with barrel of truth
Warning for excesses
Gain to do more good

Azeez Surajudeen Olatunde writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.


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