Remembering Ustadh Abdul Lateef Adebowale

The illustrious Ustadh Abdul Lateef Adebowale converted over 5,000 people from other religions to Islam.

For Islam, Ustadh Abdul Lateef was a blessing. The vast majority of our people in Lagos State in the 1990s will never forget the developments, positive effects, and significant contributions of our late Ustadh Abdul Lateef Akanni Adebowale Asiso-lori-iro, Mr Computer, Mogaji Olododo, on the rapid expansion of Islam in the state.

In Ogun State in 1961, the well-known priest was conceived. He attended both his primary and secondary schools in the state’s Egbado region. He also held a four-year certification from the University of Lagos.

While attending supplemental school, Lateef Adebowale’s teachers taught him about Christianity. He was so excellent that the teachers had to train him to be used for their faith.

When Adebowale was a college student, he started looking for information on Islam. When he finally learned something, he decided to become an Islamic cleric who undergoes extensive, extremely rigorous training.

His background in Christianity made it straightforward for him to conduct a relative analysis of the Bible and the Holy Quran.

Adebowale established Izharul Haq, a strict organization. This organization’s main goal is to convert people to Islam by comparing the Bible and the Quran.

His legacy, despite everything, continues to this day. He passed away in Lagos State in the late 1990s.

May Allah widen his grave and grant him Jannah.



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