Hijab Struggle Vindicated By Anambra’s Mini Skirts Ban, Says HRG

On Monday, September 19, 2022, Anambra Governor Charles Soludo issued an order prohibiting schoolgirls from wearing miniskirts in both public and private institutions. The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), a group that promotes Islamic human rights, has praised the ban. According to MURIC, the prohibition is in line with Muslim organizations in Nigeria’s demands for the hijab.

This was said in a statement made on September 22, 2022, by Professor Ishaq Akintola, director of the human rights organization.

The statement seen by Muslim Voice reads:

“The governor of Anambra State, Dr. Charles Soludo announced a ban on use of miniskirts by school girls in public and private schools on Monday, 19th September, 2022
We fully endorse this gesture. It is forward looking, dynamic and patriotic.

“This is one of the ways of knowing genuine statesmen as opposed to ordinary politicians whose eyes are only on the next election. Statesmen think of the nation whereas politicians think of the next election. Charles Soludo has elected the former and acted in the interest of the girl-child, morality and discipline.

“This is worthy of emulation by other state governors. There is no gainsaying the fact that the present school uniforms are inviting and provocative. They constitute a danger to school girls. We must protect the innocent girl-child from the prying eyes of sexually perversive men.

“The problem with our society and many parts of the world today is the contradictions in our lives. In one fell swoop we claim that we detest rape yet we encourage indecent dressing in form of body hugs, front and back cleavages and hot pants. Women now dress to kill yet we expect the victims to just die without lifting a finger. How realistic is this?

“The world is still battling HIV and AIDS yet we encourage the use of short and seductive skirts by school girls. Cleaners who work in school environments now pick more condoms in school premises than pieces of paper and we think we are doing the right thing.

“This is where the beauty of Islam lies. It has identified a major societal problem and recommended an effective solution for it. Islamic organisations in Nigeria who have been canvassing for the use of hijab in schools have been vindicated by Soludo’s eagle-eyed leadership. Soludo may not have been Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow, but he is sharp enough to see where the danger lies and bold enough to make a pronouncement on it. That is proactive leadership.

“Those who are still asking why Muslims are affirmative on the hijab question should ask Soludo what he saw in Anambra girls wearing short skirts to school. We have been vindicated.

“MURIC charges Nigerian Muslims to remain constant like the northern star. With the Supreme Court judgement, victory is closer to us than our jugular veins. Let us remain consistently consistent. We can see the light shining after a long period of darkness. The hijab question is a major milestone in the struggle for the liberation of Muslims from the shackles of feudalistic elitism, oppression, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism in Nigeria. It is just a matter of time. We shall get there.”



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