Empowering Aspiring Tailors: Lekki Muslim Ummah’s Initiative



The welfare and Zakat Committee of Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by presenting sewing machines and other tailoring equipment to selected members during a graduation ceremony at the Lekki Central Mosque in Lagos.

This benevolent initiative, which witnessed the graduation of 20 participants, was made possible through zakat contributions from Muslim community members, adhering to the Islamic principle of charity and wealth-sharing with the less fortunate.

Addressing the gathering, Abdul Ganiy’ Sola Labinjo, LEMU president, emphasized that the graduation marked not just the completion of a training program but embodied one of Islam’s fundamental pillars – zakat. Labinjo highlighted the essence of zakat, emphasizing the Islamic principle of being one’s brother’s keeper and a commitment to community welfare. He underscored the event as a testament to the practical implementation of Islam, where empowerment, a central aspect of zakat, played a pivotal role.

Labinjo conveyed his hope that the graduates, equipped not only with skills but also with the tools for a new chapter in life, would, in a few years, not only thrive individually but also contribute to zakat, perpetuating the cycle of empowerment. He encouraged the graduates to aspire for success, establish their brands, and contribute to the prosperity of the community, echoing the essence of Islam in witnessing Muslims excel for the greater benefit of the faith.

Kudirat Brimah, a member of LEMU women forum, congratulated the graduates and urged them to take their tailoring skills seriously. AbdulSalam Jaiyelola, chairman of the welfare committee, also congratulated the graduates, advising them to heed the shared guidance from the Imam and the president. Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged the continuous growth of such benevolent donations under the auspices of LEMU.

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