Jumu’ah Post: We can be better off, if thanksgiving is normalized

Some things, probably due to our ignorance of their enormity or intentional disregard for them, are taken with levity, but should rather be held on to, tightly, for they may seem insignificant, but their manifestation – in not just our lives, but our surroundings – are highly favouring. With regards to how plenty these gestures might be, thanksgiving still stays among the top of the list. Gratitude; an attitude/disposition that never comes with regret, which has been relevant since time memorial, still relevant, and would even, in future, weigh more on the scale of relevance.

A gratitude-inclined mind will always exude, through the pores of such beautiful mind, positive energy and receive both expected and unexpected favours. Giving thanks is also therapeutic, in the sense that it automatically sets the constant performer’s mind at peace, as the mind has been conditioned to see the positive side of things, even though results are glaringly not-so-favourable.

One can be blessed, in several ways ranging from material to non-material, by the mention of the magic word ‘Thank You.’ The blessing may not even come from who has abundance of what is used to bless the thanksgiver, but because the magic in the expression is potent enough to unleash one’s innermost act of generosity, even a pauper who has been thanked will be generous in his extension of gifting hands to one who has given thanks. This, here, proves that wealth does not guarantee the reciprocation of a gratitude gesture with rewards, but a good heart does. It’s as simple as a good ‘thank you’ begets a reward from a good heart.

The evil in the disability of one’s mind to give thanks is so veiled that one may think that not giving thanks is just a normal gesture that attracts no sanction, until the doom befalls such individual, either in the present or future.

Part of the backwardness in our society rests on the vice of being inappreciative, because we will definitely surmount most of the avoidable societal menaces if our mind wore the emblem of appreciativeness, which undoubtedly steers it in the direction of satisfaction and tranquility, even in the face of hardship.

Our Creator holds gratitude in high esteem and it is not for the benefit of none other than the betterment of us.

“Why would God cause you to suffer if you are grateful and believe? God is always responsive to gratitude, the All-Knowing” [Al-Nisa 147].

“If you are grateful, I will increase you (in favor). But if you are ungrateful, indeed, My punishment is severe.” [Ibrahim 7].


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