Jumu’ah Post: Steadfastness

What makes us better or otherwise in our affairs is the disposition of continuity we tend to extend to the tasks and events we find ourselves upon. We are formed on the habits we constantly invest in and depending on the effect those habits bring, we can, by ourselves, assess what or where our constant being leads us into. This defines the firmness of individuals on certain scopes of life, upon which we can be said to be steadfast upon.

Wishes are the states of mind which it finds suitable to tread, and when said wishes become the yardstick upon which the mind journeys, then we can possibly infer an individual’s inclination towards a particular state, for that can be said to be what he or she is steadfast upon. Depending on the positiveness or toxicity bordering this continuous process, we can say steadfastness upon a cause can easily be a pathway to salvation or a means to doom.

Everything, they say, worth doing, is worth doing well and by this notion, it is not enough to embark on a well intended adventure, but rather it is to be dutifully and religiously carried out, with all consciousness of the mind and body, with no room for despair. “O believers, come to full submission to God. Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan your acknowledged foe.” [Al-Baqarah 2:208]. Submission to the will of Allah SWT, as pointed in His word, is one action whose actor is guaranteed of blessings like no other, making it an event meant to be coursed through, with all righteous and intentional steadfastness.

Deliberateness and intentionality are the key discipline factors that drive the being into steadfastness, upon which the constancy in upholding the etiquettes, rulings and procedures of the noble path – through which the status of uprightness can be attained – is achieved. It is to be known that investing energy in the other way around what is known to be beneficial comes with its price, bearing an ugly head, which in turns form a whole being of negativity.

The onus lies upon our judgement of whether we want to be an influence of or influenced by goodness or be taken down the path of destruction.

May Allah guide and guard our choices of decision, to yield a fruitful version of us, Aameen.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com


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