After over 80 years in teaching Qur’an, Sheikh Adam Tula passed away at age 110

The funeral of Sheikh Adam Tula, the Mufti of Orissa and Ethiopia, was held at Suqul Village, Dirre Xayyaara District. His birth name was Adam Ahmad Ammarro later known as Sheikh Adam Tula. Sheikh Adam Tula was born in 1907 in Tula village, Kombolcha district, East Hararghe region.

He started his preaching work at the age of 12 and studied Islamic religion for over 30 years. Sheikh Adam Tula gathered the knowledge scattered in many scholars in his neck and corrected the problem of understanding of Islam and served his people as the Mufti of Oromia and Ethiopia for over 60 years.

Sheikh Adam Tula is a man who sacrificed his entire life to open the eyes of the Oromo people to get them out of the darkness of ignorance. Sheikh Adam Tula is a well-known scholar who has been fighting for the equality of women. He is a man who has fulfilled his religious duty to educate the people to protect the justice and rights of women in property inheritance.

During the Dargi regime , she was imprisoned for 3 years and 5 months for teaching the people not to worship the dead Sheikh Adam Tula reconciled the Oromo and Somali people by teaching them that Oromo and Somalis are brothers when the Oromo people were displaced from the Somali Region by the enemy’s conspiracy.

Sheikh Adam Tula passed away yesterday afternoon, October 08, 2015 (Ethiopian calendar), at the age of 108 years. The funeral service was held at Suquli Village, Dirre Xayyaaraa District, Hararii Region today. The scholars who attended his funeral confirmed that Sheikh Adam Tula was a man who had been striving to bring his people out of the darkness of ignorance all his life. Sheikh Adam Tula reconciled the two men by telling them the truth when the Oromo and Somali people were fighting over the conspiracy of the enemy. He urged the existing generation to follow the example of Sheikh Adam and continue his work.

Biography Sheikh Adam Tuula

Sheikh Adam Ahmad Hammarro Al-Oromi. His father Ahmad Hammarroo named him of Adam 108 years ago in Tuulaa village, Dirree Xayyaaraa , East Harargee . Who will then sit to become the Sheikh of the Sheikhs. He is the greatest and oldest scholar our country has. He is a teacher of scholars, a trainer of Ustaz, and a father of sons.

He began to study Islamic education as a child. He enjoyed Islamic education and spent his youth in education without saying hunger, thirst, cold. He has gone over all the scholars who were shining like the sun in the darkness of ignorance and has taken away their teachings.

His great and famous Sheikhs

  • Sheikh Abdullah Tuqo

Sheikh Abdullah Tuqoo was the light of Aqeedah and Sunnah, the Mujahideen of Hararghe, Arsi and Bale who explained Tawheed. Abdullah Tuqoo (Bahara) the sea of ​​Islamic knowledge, the father of Hadith and Towhid who left the country on foot in search of knowledge, Then he boarded a boat and sat on the sea for 15 days without food and drink and was able to reach Makkah. He studied at home and abroad and taught the scholars who are still illuminating our country with Towhid. Sheikh Adam learned from such of Sheikhs.

  • Sheikh Ahmad Basir

He was a blind memorizer of the hadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. When Sheikh Ahmad Basiira left Hararghe to study and went to Jimma Abba Jifar, his Companion took him by the hand. Sheikh Ahmad Basiira’s companion took him by the hand and showed him the way. Do you know why he got sick? Sheikh Ahmad Basiira could not see with his eyes and his companions stumbled behind him several times and walked a long distance. But they had gone to Obsession as far as Jim. When they arrived in Jimma, he fell ill and lay there for more than a month.

The Sheikh of the Sheikhs, Sheikh Adam Tula, went over many such teachers and learned from them. All of them gave him permission to teach and issue fatwas. Sheikh Adam Tula sat down to teach in this way. He spent His life teaching for over 60 years.


The Sheikh of Sheikhs, Sheikh Adam Tula, established the Majlis of Education/Islamic University known as the Majlis of Sheikh Adam Tula in Suqul Village, Dirre Xayyaara District, East Hararghe region to teach what he had gone and learned for over 30 years. Human beings started coming in large numbers from Hararghe, Jimma, IluAbba Bora, Arsi, Bale, Wallagga and Kafaa to learn from Sheikh. The Sheikh starts teaching after the Subhi Prayer. Various lessons will continue until Asr. There is no such thing as food and drink in between. Only prayer and teaching. Hadith, Fiqh, Tawheed, Tafseer Many types of subjects are studied. His 1500 to 2000 students studied throughout the year except the month of Ramadan.

Sheikh of the Sheikhs, Sheikh Adam Tula, many scholars like him learned from him. He is a scholar of Hadith. He has been teaching for over 60 years. Among the sheikhs who studied under him were Sheikh Ahmad Watar, Sheikh Usman, Sheikh Ali Fallana, Sheikh Muhammad Zabuur and many other scholars.

There is little that the Sheikhs are currently teaching in the Majlis that they have not missed. Sheikh Adam Tula, the Sheikh of the Sheikhs, continues to teach, advise, speak the truth, spread the pure Aqeedah of the Salaf, and expose the heretics with evidence.

NB: (This story was written before they passed away as per the 2014 G. Calendar)

The Sheikh has been teaching for many years and has taught the Father, taught the Son, and taught the Son. If you say how did that happen? Here is the story:- When a student sat down to teach with the Sheikh before him, he came to the young man and learned and the Sheikh allowed him to teach and left. He who became a Sheikh gave birth to a son and sent him to Sheikh Adam Tula, who studied and left, and sent his son to him, and now the third is studying in the Majlis of the Sheikh. He is said to have passed ninety years but at the age of 19 he spent his days teaching and reading to himself as a 19-year-old.

They explained to the people what is contrary to Islam, various evils in the beautiful way of Qur’an and Hadith. Sheikh is not only teaching students but also parents all over the country.

Along with all this, he has also prepared a book. Some in English, some in Arabic Although not published.

Sheikh Adam Tula was pressured to leave the country during the previous government, But he refused to teach the people patiently till late. The Derg regime hated the Sheikh for teaching the people and imprisoned him in Harar for two years without any fault and inflicted severe physical injuries on him. When the sheikh came out after all that, he sat down to teach like a traveler. The Sheikhs of the Sheikhs have a great migration from the Feet due to the previous beatings, The Feet sometimes hurt Them from the beatings.

May Allah bless him Sheikh of Sheikhs Sheikh Adam Tula.

Additional information from: Aqeedah of our Ulema pp. 68-72, 2014 GC.


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