Voronko Urko: A Disabled Ukrainian Who Became a Muslim After Seeking Refuge in Mosque

Voronko Urko, a disabled Ukrainian who sought refuge in a mosque during the fierce attacks by Russian soldiers, has converted to Islam in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Following the loss of his home, separation from his wife and two daughters during the war, Voronko Urko began residing in a mosque. He sought safety in the mosque, which piqued his curiosity about Islam.

After some time, Voronko, who was given special care by the mosque’s Imam, Muhammad Ali, developed an interest in Islam.


When volunteers split up and escorted his family somewhere on March 8, Urko revealed that he was left alone. When an attack occurred, Urko and his family typically went to a shelter, he continued. However, Urko, who was abandoned on a building’s ninth level and was without gas, light, or water, started to lose hope in life.

“On March 8, volunteers took my family somewhere and I was left all alone, ” says Urko.

At that point, he received assistance from an Imam by the name of Muhammad Ali who gave him a place to stay in a mosque in Kharkiv.

The mosque’s imam stated: “When the situation became unbearable, he called me. “Ali, please take me out of here,” he pleaded. He has been living in the mosque since then. We became brothers.

Voronko Urko received hidayah to accept Islam on August 20, 2022, after spending some time residing in the mosque.


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