Hisbah At Work: Officials Shave Students’ Unholy Hairstyles in Kano

Students in the final year of a secondary school in the state’s Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area had their unislamic hairstyles removed by members of the Kano State Hisbah Board. On Tuesday, August 9, at around midnight, the images were published on the Islamic police’s official Facebook page. 

Due to widespread public misinformation by media outlets, this has become a popular news story. Additionally, Nigerians on social media respond to this in the same way as previously. Suraj Usman remarked, “If I understand those against the act. You mean there shouldn’t be a disciplinary action against societal vices amongst our youths who go to school dressed in an indecent way?? So you will be happy seeing your children like that right?? That’s why the mentality of the North and South differ; Because we believe in a disciplined society. What you think is barbaric, is most welcome in the North. Maybe you lack parental guide or punishment.”

In a similar vein, Okanlawon Ali said, “Kano-state Islamic police enforced the state law on Kano-state Muslim youth and someone from the DOT republic is here crying victimization. Have you ever seen Kano-state Muslims blaming ESN/IPOB for enforcing the Monday sit-at-home madness in the east. Make we no dey choke mouth for wetin no concern us o. Hisbah is a state police backed by law like Amotekun, CJTF, and Ebubeagu.”

“Keep religion aside and judge the action of these students. Imagine someone that just finished writing his final paper in secondary School exhibiting indecent behavior like this. Morality and good character must to be enforced for a better society. Kudos to the HISBA enforcement agency” Abdulkadir Hassan added.


How Do Hisbah Police Work in Kano State?

Abdul waheed Badmus says in his opinion that “Nigeria practices federalism. Each state is a federating unit. Kano state is at liberty to protect its state and cultural values of the people across Kano state provided they act within the context of Nigeria’s constitution.”

The Kano State Hisbah Corps is a religious police established by the state government to enforce Sharia laws among Muslims. The purpose of the Hisbah institution is to protect members of the society from deviance, preserve their faith and guarantee the welfare of the people in both religious and worldly matters according to the Shari’ah. The Hisbah Corps, which operates under the jurisdiction of Kano State Hisbah Board (KSHB) composed of government officials, secular police officers, and religious leaders, is highly decentralized with local units supervised by committees composed of officials and citizens in the communities in which they operate.




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