Saudi Arabia: Father Forgave the man who Killed his only Son, Made no Demands in Return

A father in Saudi Arabia ended a long-running conflict between two tribes by forgiving the murderer of his only son and making no demands in exchange for blood money from the murderer’s family. In the Quran, blood money (Diyyah) is encouraged as a matter of forgiveness and to release people from the desire for vengeance. 

The ceremony to pardon the killer of the young Saudi kid was attended by Prince Turki bin Talal, the governor of the Asir area. The Prince Turki asked the family to pardon the offender, and they agreed.

The family’s kind act was commended by the Prince, who said they have made all Saudi people proud. A long-running tribal dispute was also resolved during the pardoning ceremony.

Similar events occurred in 2021 when a Saudi father spared his son’s murderer just before his execution. The father did not demand money in exchange for the death of his son from the killer’s family, but he did place a restriction that the offender or his family would not celebrate the pardon.

In Islamic law, victims of crime are recognized as having rights.  The victim has a say in how the criminal is to be punished.  In general, Islamic law calls for murderers to face the death penalty. However, the victim’s heirs may choose to excuse the murderer from the death penalty in exchange for monetary damages. The murderer will still be sentenced by a judge, possibly to a lengthy prison term, but the death penalty will be taken off the table.


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