From India to Makkah: Man Walks on Foot to Perform 2023 Hajj

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Shihab Chottur, 30, has set out on a journey that will take him 8640 kilometers by foot from his village in Kerela, India, to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, where he wants to do Hajj next year.

To get to the Holy Kaabah next year, he’d have to walk 8,640 kilometers in 280 days. He intends to make his way across India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.


Makkah And Hajj From The Past


Shihab, who had spent the previous six years working in Saudi Arabia, explained: “I started dreaming about a Hajj pilgrimage on foot even while working in Saudi Arabia. In sha Allāh, I will reach Makkah in eight months covering 8640km.”


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