Jaiz Foundation Distributes N9 Million to Over 70 Zakat Beneficiaries to End Poverty

Zakat, as one of Islam’s pillars, is a form of required charity that has the potential to alleviate millions of people’s suffering. The word zakat literally means “to cleanse,” and Muslims believe that paying it purifies, increases, and blesses the rest of their wealth. Zakat contributions worldwide are expected to be between $200 billion and $1 trillion every year, according to Islamic Relief Worldwide.

The 7th Annual Zakat Distribution Ceremony was recently held by the Jaiz Charity & Development Foundation, which distributed N9 million to over 70 people in Lagos.

Stakeholders, the board of directors, members, beneficiaries, and other dignitaries in Nigeria attended the ceremony.

In his remarks, the event’s Chairman, Alhaji Shuaib Idris, MD/CEO, TimeLine Consulting, stated that the purpose of the gathering, was to basically demonstrate the values of the foundation.

He emphasized that the gathering was intended to expand one of Islam’s five pillars, which is Zakat. Given Nigeria’s present poverty rate of over 40%, he believes it is critical to reach out and assist those who are in need.

“If Muslims make the payment of Zakat, which is 2.5 percent of an individual’s total income, a priority, the poverty gap in the country will be reduced,” he stated.

Hajiya Zainab Abdulrahman, who represented the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jaiz Charity and Development Foundation, said the total Zakat aggerate disbursed in Lagos state is N9 million to over 70 beneficiaries.


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She stated that the foundation had already already disbursed over N3.78m for medical surgeries and livelihoods of over 3 beneficiaries on the request of some zakat payers, while the balance of N5.2m was disbursed to 39 beneficiaries, who are seriously in need due to current adverse socio-economic situation, that has impacted negatively on their living conditions and those that are less privileged.

“As part of the mandate of the foundation, Jaiz Charity is committed to improving the situation of people by giving voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, supporting victims of the harsh economic conditions with a view to inspiring and empowering them to be financially independent and experience shared prosperity”.

Mrs Abdulrahman congratulated the recipients and encouraged them to put the zakat money to good use for themselves and their families.

The Jaiz Charity & Development Foundation, according to Dr. Abdullahi Shuaib, has been providing Zakat in Lagos state for the past six years. He claims that the Jaiz Foundation is “living the talk” and that when properly handled, it has the capacity to abolish poverty.

He also added that the foundation was providing its share by assisting the three levels of government in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to him, zakat is one of the instruments of Islamic social finance which is a subset of Islamic finance and a potent tool to mitigate poverty, reduce inequality gap in the society and economically empower the poor and needy people.

Two (2) sewing machines, three industrial sewing machines, one (1) blood pressure machine, one (1) deep freezer, one (1) Laserjet Mfp 137 fnw monochrome printer, and surgery for two (2) beneficiaries were given to the recipients.

Aside from medical and economic empowerment assistance, the foundation also provides assistance in the areas of education, accommodation, debt-relief, and humanitarian supports.

He thanked all the Zakat payers during the years of the Jaiz Charity and Development Foundation’s existence and urged Nigerians to keep paying Zakat.

The foundation’s CEO promised that it would continue to improve the living conditions of the poor, needy, and vulnerable.

Jaiz Foundation (also known as Jaiz Charity & Development Foundation) was founded by Jaiz Bank Plc, Nigeria’s first non-interest bank. Jaiz Charity is a charity, non-profit, and non-governmental organization whose mission is to complement the efforts of governments in improving people’s lives.


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