Tributes to Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril, a Loving Woman

Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril was a Muslimah and Senior lecturer at the University of Ibadan’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Veterinary Pathology. On June 21, 2022, the present Head of Department (HOD) was buried after responding to the call of Allah (SWT). Dr. Afusat was recognized by her colleagues, friends, associates, and students as a kindhearted, compassionate woman who was kind to everybody. She was born on April 14, 1975. 

Picture taken at this year’s induction and it speaks a lot of her personality. Photo: Temitope Kushehin

NAME: Afusat Jagun Jubril (nee Toyin Jagun).


  • Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University,Sokoto (1993 – 2000).
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan (2003 – 2006).
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan (2006- 2015).


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
    Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto) (November 2000)
    Master of Veterinary Science (Pathology),
    University of Ibadan, Ibadan (May 2006)
    Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Ibadan, Ibadan (July 2015)


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 2000
  • Registered Veterinary Surgeon (VCN Reg. No. 3451.) – 2000.
  • Certificate in Advanced Immunology- Molecular and Cellular Basis of the
    Normal Immune Response, Ibadan (December, 2004).
  • Certificate in Clinical Chemistry and Haematological Techniques,
    Department of Virology, UCH, Ibadan (February, 2009).
  • Certificate in Basics of histology and immunocytochemistry as Tools in Biotechnology, Ibadan (October, 2009)
  • Certificate in General, Large and small Animal Research, sessions of the Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course, Colorado, USA (July, 2013).


  • Fellow-Commonwealth Foundation Training Grant by Commonwealth
    Veterinary Association, 2012.
  • Fellow-Centre for Control and Prevention of Zoonosis (CCPZ) by John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research Grant, 2012.
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship by Climate Impact Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE) in Sub-Saharan Africa programme an initiative of the Department for International Development (DFID), UK. 2017.
  • Visiting Research Fellow under the CIRCLE Research Program on Climate Change (Ecotoxicology) at Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. 2017.


  • Recipient, Travel grant by CIALCA to attend the International Conference on Challenges and Opportunity for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid Highland System of Sub-Saharan Africa, Kigali Rwanda, 2011.
  • Recipient, Professor Tielen Foundation (Netherlands) Young Scientist Financial Support (Overseas Travel Grant) 2011.
  • Recipient, Travel grant by Third World Network TWN to attend the International Conference on Modern Biotechnologies: Sustainable Innovation and Regulatory. Needs, Penang, Malaysia, 2012.
  • Recipient, Biosecurity Enhancement Program (BEP) training support grant by the US department of states to attend the Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Training
    Course in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 2013.
  • Recipient, University of Ibadan Travel Grant to attend the XVI ISAH
    International Congress on Animal Hygiene in China, 2014.
  • Recipient, CRDF Global/BMEG Grant for training in biosecurity, 2016.
  • Recipient, Travel grant by Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) in collaboration with Ifakara Health Institute to attend the ‘BootCamp’ workshop on proposal development in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Oct 12 – 14,2017.
  • Recipient, Research Uptake Grant Phase II. Awarded by The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in collaboration with CIRCLE and the Department for International Development (DFID), UK. 2017.
  • Recipient, Research Uptake Grant Phase III. Awarded by The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in collaboration with CIRCLE and the
    Department for International Development (DFID), UK. 2018.
  • Recipient, Travel Grant by SAIIA to Attend a Workshop on Closing the Gap: Enabling Access to Climate Finance in Sub-Sahara Africa. November,04-05,


  • Certificate of Merit in Recognition of Contribution to the NYSC Scheme;


  • Member, Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN)
  • Member, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA)
  • Member, International Society of Animal Hygiene (ISAH)
  • Member, Nigerian Society of Neuroscientists (NSN)
  • Member, International Society of Neurochemistry (ISN)
  • Member, International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
  • Member, Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology (NISEB)
  • Member, Nigerian Organic Agricultural Network (NOAN)
  • Member, Board of Trustees, National Sheep and Goat Association of
    Nigeria (NASHGAN)

She is credited with more than 40 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals classified in the text as reputable.


It’s with great astonishment I received the news of demise of Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril, of the Department of Vet. Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan.

Unless I want to be exaggerative, my tribute to her should not be too lengthy. I am instead expected to be as lucid and laconic as possible.
She was neither my teacher nor did she supervise or mentor me academically.

Nevertheless, the blood of Islāmic brotherhood will forever be thicker than water.

Such will be the case, when it comes to paying tributes to a successful MUSLIM, FEMALE PROFESSIONAL & ACADEMIC, who was not only proud to associate with her muslim community, but in addition to that, was always effortlessly ready to play her roles towards the advancement of the affairs of Muslims and Islām in her immediate surrounding and beyond.

I repeat, I will never attempt to over eulogize her beyond my knowledge and acquaintance of her.

Nevertheless, worthy of mention and appreciation is that, just like every other Muslim Female Academics on campus, Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril also didn’t have a known record of misrepresentation of Islām and Muslims on campus.
Alhamdulilah Rabbilālamiin.

Personally, I derived a special encouragement from female academics of the caliber of late Dr. Afusat, and also a sense of commitment to support my wife in her sojourn in the pursuit of reaching the pinnacle of her academic career, in the area of Family Law.

May Allah ease it for her (Aamîîîîn).

I wish to conclude by apt lifting from a succinct tribute of my brother, Mr. Jāmi’u Akintola (‘Detoro Naturals) to the deceased.

It reads:

“ALLAH’s pleasure alone should be sought in all you do.” End of quote.

Dr. Afusat is no more…
But her mention lingers on in the circles of her brethren in the University Muslim community, professional circles, amongst her students and her family members.

If you have ever had an encounter with her, then you are not likely to include pride, arrogance or pompousity in the list of her shortcomings.

Ẹrọ ra ooo..
Ẹkú Ìgbìyànjú….
Ebami ki awọn èyán wa ooo… (My wife and kids)

Above used to be her words of encouragement for IBN-Rosheed (AL-FALAAH MEAT PLACE) whenever she passes by my meat stand where I used to sell meat on Fridays, in front of the Central Mosque, University of Ibadan.

She has left some certificates and academics profiles that can never be inherited behind, while she accompanied along with her some characters and deeds to ALLAH, her Lord & Creator.

Aside that, people will continue to say things about her, which will testify to what ALLAH knows best about her.

What would they say about you and I???..

They will surely say something after after our demise…

فالناس كما قال صلى الله عليه وسلم، “شهداء الله في الأرض”…

As for mankind, ALLAH’s messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, “We are ALLAH’s observers and witnesses on the surface of the Earth”.

Oh ALLAH, forgive your servant Hafsoh and every deceased muslim brethren of ours.

We beseech you to grant her family members, her colleagues at the department, University of Ibadan at large, University of Ibadan Muslim Community, and the entirety of the Muslim Ummah, the fortitude to be the collosal loss.

Abu Muhsinah Ya’qūb IBN-Rosheed ADENUGA

In the build up towards the showdown at ISI during the Hijab struggle, a major challenge confronting us was how to boost our daughters’ confidence. We knew it was not going to be easy standing against the tide created by the school’s peer pressure. Our daughters like other girls were seriously acculturated to the school’s world outlook.

We, therefore arranged a number of confidence-building sessions for the girls.

The last session was on the weekend preceding the D-Day and Late Dr. Afusat Jagun-Jubril was one of our guest speakers.

She did a wonderful job at boosting the girls’ confidence. She used herself as an example of resistance to a culture alien to Islamic ideals and her academic standing as well as gift of garbs really impressed our girls.

When it was time for volunteers who would wear the Hijab on the D-Day to step out, most of our daughters in attendance stood to be counted.

Dr. Bode Badiru

You might have heard “Action pọ be Ogogo”. Well, Ogogo is def a learner beside her. Her vibes have been always positive and her energy, top notch. Always on her feet. Her doors always open. The Dr Max Godwin of Vet School, UI.

Always ready to help, both students and lecturers. Abiamọ that’s never ashamed nor too busy to assist, as long as she could. She’d go the mile with you, then push and monitor you to go the extra (I mean, you don’t expect her to do everything for you).

You have an issue with or find it hard to approach a lecturer? Easy. She’d counsel you and scold you, if need be. And then she’s behind you like “nisho nibẹ”. And when you get there, the likely first thing she’d say is “Ọmọ mi ni…”; and then help to present your case.

A paper, proposal, grant, an idea? You need to write, find and polish? She was there to set your scope, brainstorm (behind the scene) supervise and monitor. Even if it was a business. She was there to help.

Oh! You could never take her motherliness as an excuse to do nonsense. As she’d instantly change it for you right there and then. Yes! She’s got a lot of sumptuous carrots, nonetheless, the stick is available, as well.

She would reach out to you, time and again, to check on your progress.

And just when you’re overwhelmed with the care and think “Ma, how do you have time to care for me this much?”, you’d see others in their numbers that’d say same of her.

That was who she was. Looking beyond your blemishes, weakness, past, religion, sex, status and/or tribe. A guardian angel through and true, by and by.

You’d hardly hear of her flaws. Not that she never had any nor that people are trying not to talk bad of the departed. But, because as angelic she was, she was human too, and worked tirelessly to be better always than whatever you could possibly point out as a spot.

She was a mother to lots of us; back in school and even after. She touched my life. Dr Jagun touched my life.

She wasn’t the best. But she was godsend; godsent. An angel amongst us.

Her works, memories and legacies will live on.

Dr. Afusat Toyin Jagun Jubril

Ọrùn re ẹ.

Temitope Kushehin

Sister Hafsah Jagun-Jubril (Dr. Afusat Toyin Jagun) was one of the sisters who believed in the ISLAM IS BEAUTIFUL idea when it started in 2015. She supported me with everything. Her passion, zeal and love for the deen radiates on every episode that she partook in. Very resourceful, intelligent, empathetic, firm and caring sister.

I am particularly sad because just a few weeks ago, she sent me a DM asking that i shared a video that she sent to me on a WhatsApp platform that we both belong to. When i opened the video, it was a very descriptive and practical demonstration of how to bath the dead according to Islam…God is great!

I felt the pulse in the air at the time as that was when the tension of Deborah’s case (the Christian lady that was burnt alive because of the blasphemy issue and the retaliation attack that led to the killing of the young muslim woman and her four children was fresh and i did not want to add to the anxiety in the air. So i did not share and totally forgot to explain my reason. I checked our conversation thread when i heard of her demise yesterday and saw that.

Whenever i spelt her name as “Hafsah”, she would tell me that she’d rather have me spell it as “Afusat”. She was very real.

Dear sister, may Allah illuminate your Barzakh and grant you the best place in Jannah. Aameen.

You are loved and will be missed greatly sister.

Salmah Adetutu Lawal

I am not in the right frame of mind to write anything about my beautiful lecturer, Sister and mother to all Dr Afusat Toyin Jagun. I kept on seeing the smiling face, couldn’t sleep with hoping but Allah knows best

I knew Dr Afusat when I was in 200L or 300L when I started babysitting Fahd and Faridah. They became my babies till I got to 600L. So you could say I am her adopted child. And she does still took care of me till her demise. You will forever be missed. June 20th a date we won’t forget ever.

Ya Allah, we put her Afusat in your care, let all the dua’a and goodwill from people about her be daraja for her bi’izzinillahi. And console the aged mum, husband, children, adopted ones, colleagues and Muslim Ummah.

Temitope Lawal

I met her about 15years ago at the Nikah of my elder sister, she came with our in-laws and I thought she was my brother in-law’s elder sister as she was making sure everything is going on perfectly.

My brother in- law sure found a true sister in her as she made sure she accompanied the couple home on that day, I was in her car with some other people and she started gisting with us like she’s known us before.

I later got to know her through hubby as a big Sister in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, always playing that role of a true big sis to her junior colleague.

You cannot meet Dr Jagun without loving her personality, so loving, always wearing a beautiful smile.

Oh Allah Dr Afusat Jagun Jubril is now in your custody, forgive her shortcomings, illuminate her grave and grant her highest place in jannah. Aameen.

Nafeesah Alabi Adeyemo

Dr Afusat Toyin Jagun


May Allaah forgive and have mercy on her.

She was a lovely, hardworking and diligent researcher.

I met her at the University of Ibadàn in 2016.

I was privileged to attend a workshop on Biosafety and Biorisk management.

She facilitated the program via a grant from the US.

What an excellent event she organized as a young female researcher in Nigeria.

We were lodged in a very nice hotel (N21k per night). One person per room.

Fed sumptuous meals three times a day over five days and six nights.


She even paid the flights and bus fares to and fro anywhere in Nigeria to Ibadan for the workshop.

She did all these anticipating release of the funding from CBN /UI.

She was brilliant and vibrant, all through the sessions.

During a tea break, she told me about her research trip to Kenya and encouraged me to apply for postdoc.

O Allaah! forgive her shortcomings, grace her with your mercy and grant her beloved ones the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss, aameen.

Dr Jubril Akolade

Oh Allaah grant Dr. Afusat Toyin Jagun and all our departed love ones. May Allah grant her entire family the fortitude to bear the loss.

May Allah reward those who must have assisted in one way or the other towards their final resting place too.

Oh Allaah grant me, my wives, entire household long life in good health and mercy when our time is up on the surface of the earth.

Abdulwaheed Badmus

Allaahummaghfir li Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril warfa’ darajatahu fil-mahdiyyeena, wakhlufhu fee ‘aqibihi fil-ghaabireena , waghfir-lanaa wa lahu yaa Rabbal-‘aalameena, wafsah lahu fee qabrihi wa nawwir lahu feehi.

O Allah, forgive Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril and elevate her station among those who are guided. Send him along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds. Enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it. Aameen.


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2 comments on “Tributes to Dr. Afusat Jagun Jubril, a Loving Woman

Dr. Muinat Bello, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria

May Almighty Allah forgive her short comings…I cannot stop shedding tears. I met her 2018 at the Association of commonwealth Universities, workshop at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I travelled to Ibadan from Maiduguri for the workshop, I have never met genius like her, she is one in a billion. All her statements and energetic spirit still echo…

May Allah unite us all with Dr. Afusat in Al jannatul Firdausi… Aamin.


Afusat my dear friend, God has called you. I will never see your beautiful smile again nor warm myself by the fire of your beautiful spirit. Rest in power my friend, rest in peace


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