Hall of Fame: Dr. Hakeem Alade Najimdeen


  • Dr. Hakeem Alade Najimdeen


  • Alafarika for Studies & Consultancy Limited.


  • Lagos, Nigeria


  • Educator, Researcher & Writer

Brief profile

Dr. Hakeem Alade Najimdeen is a researcher at various prestigious think tanks, including Aljazeera for Studies, Doha, Qatar; King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Dimensions for Strategic Studies, London. He is a managing editor for the Saudi-based magazine, Qiraat Ifriqiyyat, and the founder of Alafarika for Studies & Consultancy.

Dr. Hakeem had his PhD in Education with a focus on social foundations and educational leadership at the International Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM. He is also a graduate of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, and the Arab League’s Institute of Arab Research and Studies-ALECSO, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Hakeem has been at the forefront of initiatives that promote youth training and development, the advancement of education, and presenting real pictures and positive narratives of Africa.

Memorable moments in life

Every day is memorable as a weekly contributor to different foreign magazines and as a frequent participator in intellectual discussions on social and political issues all over Sub-Saharan Africa. However, I will forever cherish the days I graduated with my B.A.E. and passed my PhD thesis defense.

Lessons learnt

There are many lessons learnt, among which are that consistency, skill acquisition and experience matter a lot. Also, looking back, I realized that humble beginnings and struggling to cope with everyday life are part of the process because certain life lessons can only be learned through struggle.

Philosophy of life

My philosophy in life has been to live and adjust my ways in accordance with the prophetic saying:
“.. live as you wish, for you shall eventually die. Love whom you desire, for you shall eventually depart. Do what you please, for you shall pay. Know that the night-prayer is the honor of a believer, and his pride is being independent on others.” (Silsilah al-Saheehah)

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