Jumu’ah Post: Mindset

What determines the manner of being, a person is identified for, or said to be, is the aspect of him that has to do with thought processess and ideology – all of which are formed internally within the consciousness of his mind – towards life. This mindset is a wholesomely major component of the whole being, as every action and gesture are ultimately connected to it.

It is the situation of our minds at any point in our existence, which influences our opinions and attitudes. The mind is a flexible part of us, which is possibly navigated through series of mind-related scenarios like feelings, thoughts, moods, etc. The most whelming of the type of these mind situations, which may be good or bad, is what places the mind on the kind of mindset it posseses, in most cases. This confirms the expression of ‘we become what we think’.

The mindset created by our mind conditions forms the sum total of those easily-attracting mind conditions, and this is why it normally seem like what the mind focuses on, is easily manifested within a short period that such thought has been imbibed.

Positive mindsets are a result of association with positive thoughts, while the mindsets that have all positiveness at a distance breed negative mindset. Each mindset determines the effect of our being on our society and the world at large, and a positive-minded individual will contribute positively while a negative-minded one will live a negative life.

Attaining a positive mindset, as we live, may be rooted in some acts/gestures that will not only bring about positiveness, but make steady our being in positivity. We know those acts we can proudly declare publicly as our deeds, as well as those that we go miles to deny, with our last pint of blood, even though they are what we do most. So, with this, we can identify the dispositions that will bring about a good inclination of our minds, coupled with association with those that are known as well-meaning and morally upright people, so as to keep fortifying our minds with soul-nourishing moves. A clean mind is one good enough to worship Allah SWT.

Everyone was born innocent and sound of mind, but at a point or the other, some lost the mind’s cool to the vices around. This means that no matter the level of one’s goodness, it’s a possibility that the mind of such an harborer of goodness may be corrupt, which is why there should be constant maintenance of it, through soul-nourishing activities like lectures, striving towards empathy, selflessness, humility – either at a small scale or a large one, depending on one’s capability – as the mind is easily corrupted than it’s easy for it to be healthily firm.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), whom Allah has divinely set free from the woes of the mind, was the only one that had no issues with the mind’s instability, but we – the others – have a lot to do in staying upright with our minds and, in total, our mindset.

May Allah make it easy for us all, Aameen

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com

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