From Scavengers To Harbingers!

Some couple of years ago, they were on the street scavenging, moving from one commercial bus to another, singing sonorously to solicit for the bread of the day.

They were students of Madrasah in Oyo, leaving their citadel of learning to the corner of earning. But, they were good at what they do — chanting Waka to beg for money.

Their story changes when a philanthropist, a scholar per excellence, Barrister AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef popularly called Iyepe took them off the street like a pint of sand. He dusted them off and now they become the hope of the Ummah — Harbingers.

There were three, and still three. One of them is a no stranger to me. After his Hifdh at Barrister’s haven, he is to get admitted to the University of Ibadan, God willing. The second one just graduated in the Madrasah after his full completion of the memorization of the Glorious Qur’an. The other one will complete his memorization one day too. Insha’Allah.

Judging from their past, nobody would see future in these (ig)noble minds. But, it takes the benevolence of a single visionary mind to discover and recover the wandering souls from the trenches to the thrones. How many of such bright souls have lost in the ghetto when they were refused to be helped!

I’m sincerely happy for these lads. Their brains which were full of mundane songs are now occupied with Qur’an, a complete one at that. Maa Sha Allah! I laughed shrilly when Barrister AbdulHakeem asked the recent graduand among them to render those Wakas they used to chant, and he was struggling with them. I know where that is coming from as someone who understands Waka and still memorising Qur’an. I pray Almighty uphold these brothers so they could be the light for the future of Islam in their territory and beyond.

I must really say their trajectory of life gets me spellbound. Everything happens so fast. It makes me firmly believe that one’s life story can change for better in a bate of an eyelid. I want to see these guys changing the world for better by putting to best the rare opportunity Allah has bestowed them.

While we pray to Almighty Allah to continue to strengthen Barrister AbdulHakeem to do more, we need more of them in our society. We pray Almighty Allah inundate his ilks in this Ummah.

Also worthy of commendations is their first Madrasah. If Baba Olokunmimo, the Mudeer of the Madrasah had refused to let go of them, they might have not been where they are today. Sabotage!

Overall, my sincere desire is to see these guys becoming like Barrister AbdulHakeem himself, being versed in Islamic and western knowledge and using everything for Islam. May Allah make them so.

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