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Interaction, in a sufficient extent of it, is a social tool needed by humans to live the world we have found ourselves. To some extent, we can similarize this interaction with dependency on one another, for the purpose of living a self-fulfilling life. The person/people/community we look up to or look forward to, in order to balance our existence, are more or less the people we choose to be our role models and, in some instances, companions that eventually shape the outcome of what we gain or lose, of life. Each person knows what he wants as his fulfilment out of life and interaction with specific people or community manifests this achievement or fulfillment.

Our interaction may be in form of association (marriage, business dealings, sectarian affiliation, etc.), mentor – mentee relationship (which takes a large chunk of role model interaction), religious inclination, etc., and the selection of any member of the interaction group is, in most cases, what makes or mars our ways, for a substantial amount of our being will be based on the decision made by the interaction with such people.

It is therefore vital to be considerate on whatever or whoever we choose as companion or acquaintance. Good begets good. A good person, who embodies the quality of a prospective productive spouse, should be chosen for marriage. Businesses built on affiliations with people known for jilting and other levels of immorality is not far from loss. Secterian associations should not be munched upon with gullibility, but in-depth checks on such sect, on their moral consciousness, should be considered, for the best outcome. Social media is a space filled with all kinds of elements you can imagine of good or bad, and record has it that it’s high in the enablement of the vices of today’s life, and given this, role models should be carefully chosen on it, because even the vendors of bad wares are well presented, making their presentation appealing and seeming genuine to fragile minds.

Allah is the ultimate Source of all that is good and the One who badness is fully dissociated from. He is the sovereign Lord of the universe that no affiliation with Him surpasses that of the one that comes through Islam. He sent the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, whom beside no other is worthy to be called a role model and surely, the treading of the blessed path revealed to us by him, in every area of our interaction/selection in the world we live in, will definitely lead to a fruitful destination, in this life and the hereafter.

May Allah guide our steps towards beneficial associations and grant us the firm mind to remain in the circle of goodness.


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