Jumu’ah Post: Normalizing A Solid Stance on Morals

This bit of admonition aims to address the ugly and unappealing nature of people, tending to always stay ‘holy’ or keep up a flagship of morals in certain seasons or festivities that have been known for their righteousness-required sacredness. Ramadan, amongst others, falls in the category of this described festivities or seasons. What point does it make, if our conscience seem to be dead on portraying good morals after certain seasons that dearly calls for it, thereby bringing up a case of ‘seasonal righteous people?.’ In my opinion, it’s better if one doesn’t honor the call for righteousness/morals in those seasons than honoring them and retiring back to the ‘evil’ status quo when the mind feels it’s no longer necessary to further cling unto righteousness. The double standard calls for serious amazement.

We are quick to forget all that were, in efforts, put into the achievement of a pious being in certain period of our lives and if we could actually hold on to goodness for the length of time that we were able to do so, we can make that good part of ourselves the version that we will perpetually live with. It is ridiculously established that once we display servitude to Allah for a while, due to the compulsion or encouragement to do so, we are already certified on attaining a pass mark, regardless of what happens later. Our good deeds aren’t just discrete events that won’t be affected by other aftermath events, but ones that must be followed up with myriad of even better deeds, so as to not limit the chances of the former ones in acceptance by Allah SWT.

If only we could dig further, we will realize that lives can be terminated anytime before the time we envisage to put up another good form of deeds, just as the ones we have been privileged to witness, for only Allah owns the knowledge of who will live to see even the next second. So, why not tread our lives in such a way that the good we have amassed is made a part of our lives, such that we can be rest assured that what we have amassed haven’t gone down the drain?

We can normalize a solid stance on morals if we can always sincerely pledge to live righteously after a particular sacred period, all for nothing but for the Lord of those sacred periods. This way, the conscience will always trigger one back into good, if the temptation of bad sets in. It’s not easy as said, but it’s surely achievable. With consistent effort and prayers, it’s possible. May Allah aid our steps into those that will enable us be among His righteous servants and grant us Jannah, Aameen.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com




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