The Nigerian Mosque: Great Mosque of Kano

Great Mosque of Kano is a general Jumaat mosque, an ideal destination for Islamic faithfuls who would like to take part in the ancient history of Islam in the country. Its situated near the Emir of Kano palace. Surrounded by a high wall and having a 20 meter tall tower, the mosque is a landmark.

The mosque was probably predated by a low-profile rectangular mosque sanctuary built in the fourteenth century. The subsequent great mosque is attributed to a collaboration between Sarkin Muhammed Rumfa (c. 1463-1499) and the Egyptian ‘Abd al-Rahman. It was the first mud mosque of the Soro, or tower, type in Nigeria.

The visit of ‘Abd al-Rahman, who came from Egypt to Nigeria to survey the influence and spread of Islam, triggered the construction of this masjid. After all, by this time, trade routes between present-day Mali and present-day Egypt allowed for frequent contact and thus increased Islam’s reach.

In 1582, it was shifted to a new site by Muhammed Zaki and rebuilt yet again due to disrepair sometime between 1855 and 1883 by Sarkin Kano Abdullahi dan Dabo. British Government sponsored the building of a new mosque after its destruction in the 1950s in gratitude for the Nigerian role in WWII.

This mosque was completely different in appearance than the constructions before it and is the one that still remains today. The atmosphere and the multitude of scholars and worshippers that frequent the mosques makes the Kano central mosque a place of worship as well a place of learning. Over 50,000 worshipers come for weekly Friday prayers. The usual practice is for the Emir of Kano to lead Friday prayers in this mosque. Every year thousands of tourists and Islamic scholars visit the ancient edifice.

Full Name:

  • Great Mosque of Kano


Year of Opening:

  • Late 15th century, 1950s


Best Features:

  • A distinct green-coloured dome and two minarets.


  • Islamic faithfuls, Scholars, Artists, Architects


  • Very Safe


  • Muritala Muhammed Road, Kano Mununcipal, Kano



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