UAE: Sharjah Police Bust Drug Ring, Seize $4mln Worth of Narcotic Drugs

The men were arrested in Sharjah’s Anti-Narcotics Department’s ‘Lightning Force’ operation less than 12 hours after police received the tipoff that more than one million ‘Zinex’ pills had been smuggled into the country, according to state news agency WAM.

In an operation called “Lightning Force”, the anti-narcotics department of the Sharjah Police arrested a gang of nine persons, who attempted to sell more than a million “Zinex” tablets, worth more than 15 million dirhams, in the country.

According to Sharjah Police, Flash Power resulted in the arrest of nine Asians and the seizure of one million tablets of the drug “Senex” worth Dh15 million.

Lt Col Majid Al Asem, Director of the Department of Drug Enforcement, said that the department had received a tip-off about an organised gang which possessed a large quantity of narcotic pills with the intention of distributing them to a group of promoters in less than 24 hours. Although they used fake identities in their communication, vigilant anti-drug officers with their expertise managed to trap them and arrest them.

“A special team was formed to track the gang members and bust them. The team managed to arrested all of them at the same time within 12 hours. Police identified their whereabouts and based on available information, set up a plan to ambush the gang. Due legal procedures were followed. The gang’s whereabouts were arrived at in coordinated with a number of anti-drug agencies in the country,” the official said.

After interrogation, the gang confessed that they had planned to sell the pills and narcotic drugs and storing them in the various Emirates. They were referred to the Public Prosecution in Sharjah.

The Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department of SP praised the continuous cooperation and coordination between the entities of the police in the United Arab Emirates, lauding their readiness to deal with all methods of drug smuggling, their ability of detecting them in record time, and the professionalism of their highly trained personnel.

He stressed that the police will spare no effort to enhance the security of citizens, residents, and visitors in the country.

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