UK based Gambian lady donates land to build a Masjid for Mufti Yaks

Mufti Yaks, born Abdullateef Aliyu Mayaki, was a well-known Islamic motivational speaker and a mentee of Sheikh Mufti Menk.

At the age of 20, Mufti Yaks passed away in the early hours of Saturday, June 1, 2024, at the National Hospital in Abuja after a brief illness. The death of Mufti Yaks has been met with widespread sadness.

Meanwhile, a Gambian lady based in the U.K. has given away her land to be used to build a Masjid for Mufti Yaks so that it can be a Sadaqah Jariah, according to an announcement made on his official Facebook Page today.

‘‘The fundraising has started one week ago now, and we have raised over $17,000 now. Please check the link of your currency below and support our beloved brother,’’ the statement added.

Mufti Yaks was recognized for his contributions to religious teachings and his ability to inspire through his words. His approachable style and profound messages had a significant impact on many, particularly the youth.

If you want to donate in dollar ($) please click here

In pounds (£) click here please.

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