Lagos Muslims Distribute N105m Zakat to 300 Beneficiaries


The Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) in Lagos State has distributed N105 million in products and cash to over 300 beneficiaries. The funds were collected from zakat and sadaqat payers and distributed to the less fortunate in order to alleviate their condition.Alhaji Olalekan Saliu, Chairman of the Lekki Muslim Zakat and Sadaqat Committee and a member of LEMU’s Board of Trustees, praised the zakat givers for their determination to fulfill one of Islam’s five pillars despite the country’s economic crisis.He stated, “We must thank Allah for making this feat possible, especially given the massive concerns and challenges affecting Nigeria’s economy.

“We are all living witnesses to the current difficult economic condition characterised by the persistent devaluation of our currency, the naira, which has pushed it to an all-time low against the US dollar and the surging inflation with its attendant rise in the prices of food, medicine, fuel, electricity, transportation, basic commodities, essential daily needs, etc.”

He noted that the committee earned N85 million in 2023, but collected N105 million in 2024, representing a 24% increase.

He continued, “On behalf of LEMU, I would like to offer profound gratitude and deep appreciation to all of our zakat givers for their tremendous generosity, charity, kindness, and honest devotion.

“I am sure they are all happy fulfilling an important religious obligation, the third pillar of Islam for that matter, which helps to deepen their connection with Allah.”

Earlier, during his sermon, the Lekki Central Mosque’s Chief Imam, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu, emphasized the importance of zakat and praised the committee for its accountability.

Sheik Jamiu stated, “The committee is really working hard, because in this mosque, when we get the money, we know where the money is going to.”

According to reports, N67.5 million was allocated for empowerment, N1.6 million for medical costs, and N2.3 million for personnel.

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