Hajj: Saudi Arabia Launches Electronic Qur’an for the Blind

The Presidency for Religious Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia has launched an electronic braille Quran to aid visually handicapped pilgrims in reading the Holy Qur’an, with the goal of overcoming the difficulties posed by traditional braille versions with numerous volumes. According to the Saudi Press Agency, braille versions of the sacred Quran have been placed strategically throughout the two sacred mosques, allowing hajj pilgrims easy access.

“This unique technology uses a dynamic display to convert fixed braille characters into electronically produced moving letters that correlate to Qur’anic verses.


“This design facilitates navigation, allowing blind pilgrims to effortlessly access specific pages, surahs, and sections of the Qur’an,” according to the Saudi administration.The presidency has also created prayer chambers for the elderly and disabled inside the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

“These prayer halls are equipped with designated spaces and cabinets containing additional religious resources, including translations of the meanings of the Qur’an in various languages, with those in English, Urdu and Indonesian featuring most prominently,” it continued.

It said the efforts demonstrated its dedication to promoting inclusion and disseminating the Holy Qur’an to all pilgrims, including those with disabilities.

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