Jumu’ah Post: Dhul Hijjah; a blessing and a point of reflection

The last phase of the lunar monthly cycle – Dhul Hijjah – which immediately precedes the commencement of another lunar year – Muharram – has, by Allah’s unmatched wisdom and knowledge, been made to come last among the blessed 12 Hijrah months. With this last cycle of the lunar activity upon us comes great and irresistible favours to tap from, coupled with the avenues for self-reflection that the historical events in it bring. It comes as one of the four sacred months in Islam, which was confirmed by a report from Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) referring to the Prophet (PBUH) saying “The year is twelve months of which four are sacred, the three consecutive months of Dhul-Qa’dah, Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram, and Rajab which comes between Jumaada (ath-thaniyah) and Sha’baan.” (Al-Bukhaari: 2958). An opportunity that presents itself as a river of goodness to tap from, before the year ends, it is.

Within Dhul Hijjah is the existence of the rigorous and valorous journey that led to the supposed sacrifice of Prophet Ismail (AS) by his father, Prophet Ibrahim (AS), following a promise made by the latter, to Allah. This is a journey that led to an important occasion of Eid ul Adha, which is been commemorated by Muslims all over the world. Allah’s magnanimity is so massive that so much has been embedded in a month, such that all the events are designed to fit into our minds for reflectio and righteous actions.

The month of Dhul Hijjah, although comes with celebration on its 10th day (Eid ul Adha), involving the rewardable act of slaughtering of a sacrificial animal (Al Ud’hiyah), is a period of reflection on its own, as regards the situation of total submission to Allah, patience, resistance to Satanic influence, as displayed by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS). It is indeed a call upon believers to make this as a point of reference in the achievement of strong faith that has always been associated with Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his household. The tests of Allah at a period in our lives should not deter us from Him, rather it should make us stronger and steadfast in honoring his biddings, for the One with whose permission we are being tested is the ideal One to look up to in times of tribulation, wherein He will be ready to respond to our request of comfort. This, and more characteristics of resilience, has been practically demonstrated by our forebearer and his household, and it is worthy of note that emulating them in this aspect of life is nothing that ever goes off in value and when applied to our various endeavors, we will definitely be more enrooted in a life pleasing to ourselves and to the Almighty, as our mindset will all be about total submission to Him.

The best of days, which are the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, are part of the favors bestowed upon Dhul Hijjah. They are the most honored days among all the days within the year and they have chances for us to collect as many blessings, for all the reward-attracting good deeds we dish out at these times are beloved to Allah SWT. With the 10th day being the day of Eid ul Adha, we have the 9th day as Yawmul Arafah (The Day of Arafah) where pilgrims at the holy land are expected to fulfil the mounting of Arafah rite of their Hajj pilgrimage, a rite which crowns the effort of their pilgrimage as complete. Yawmul Arafah is a highly revered day where supplications are mostly granted upon believers and a fast offered on this day will serve to expiate the sins of the last year and the coming year, as said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). May Allah grant us the wellness to be a part of it. The turn for this year’s – 1445 – commencement of Dhul Hijjah falls on this day, Friday, 7th of June, 2024. We are urged to actively give in our best shot of service during the first ten days of it, and even beyond them.

The first ten days are highly blessed and lots of blessing-attracting deeds should be brought forward, so as to maximize the reception of Allah’s infinite bounties in our lives during this period, with their continuation in our lives till eternity, bi idhniLLAH.

May Allah enable us to willingly submit ourselves unto this rewarding exercise, help us to immerse ourselves in conscious faith and make fruitful our dedication toward His cause, Aameen.

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