Jumu’ah Post: The Divine Creation of Allah

The beautiful and mindbogglingly perfect structuring of our planet, and all that exist therein, is an awesome sight to behold. The different community of humans and other living creatures, with respect to the well-ordered niches that each occupy on earth, is a phenomenon that beautifully transcends the cognitive space of the creatures themselves.

The relationship between the living things and the inanimate ones, which births valuable results for the living things, are nothing but wonders that hold the heart with soothing chills, on imagination. All these are just the beautifully unique and majestic touch of Allah SWT on His creation.

Perfect is Allah’s creation that any attempt, by anyone, to model what He has created, do not live to possess the perfection of the original masterpiece – Allah’s creation – for only He, Al Hakeem, possesses the wisdom with which creatures can exist in the best mode of perfection.

We will, as guided humans that are just one aspect of Allah’s numerous creations, continue to uphold Allah’s command, in a bid to maintain the perfect structure of creation. Problems come when the system of a certain order is being disrupted by insincerity and other evils. For we to thrive in the beauty of Allah’s creation, we need to strive to be beautiful creatures in all that concern us.

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