NAHCON Raises Hajj Fare Amid Dollar Rate Surge


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) appreciates the outpouring of sympathy and concern expressed to it both publicly and personally regarding the 2024 Hajj fare difficulty. This expression of support gives the Commission faith that stakeholders will go above and beyond to ensure the success of the upcoming Hajj exercise. At this point, the Commission believes it is critical to provide clarity regarding the 2024 Hajj fare arrangements.

It is well accepted that Hajj preparation has a rigorous timeline. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced a preliminary timeline for the 2024 Hajj, which began earlier than usual and is anticipated to end sooner than normal. NAHCON attempted to stick to the schedule given by the ministry.

However, non- or late remittances of Hajj fare by individuals affected prompted changes, resulting in two date shifts, the final one being February 12th, 2024. Remember that as of December 31, 2023, the Naira was still worth N897:00 to a dollar at the banks.Unfortunately, these developments caused the Hajj fare collection deadline to fall following foreign exchange rate harmonization, posing a new and substantial issue.

The harmonization of the Hajj fare equation meant that, in the face of global financial challenges, combined with the new forex policy, Nigerian pilgrims would now face an unexpected increase in Hajj costs, despite having already paid the fixed fare of around N4.9 million, depending on the departure zone approved by the government. The Federal Government saw wisdom in deliberately engaging on behalf of Nigerian intending pilgrims through a variety of tactics, including cost reductions. Unfortunately, the interventions were insufficient to cover the whole number of people who had registered by the final deadline. This had been the Commission’s dilemma. To make matters worse, over 50,000 pilgrims under the Public Quota have already paid the previously declared fare of around N4.9 million, and their money are currently in the custody of the Commission.

Given the gravity of the issue, NAHCON was forced to consider a variety of options, including urging state governments and wealthy individuals to act on behalf of their pilgrims. This window remains open. This will complement the Federal Government’s efforts to assist Nigerian Muslim pilgrims in fulfilling their religious obligations. Fortunately, the government’s policy focus on lowering the exchange rate has given the Hajj fare decrease a boost.

The good news is that, with the Naira appreciating to N1,474.00 to the dollar over the previous week, and after due consultation with stakeholders, combined with NAHCON’s desire to ensure an equitable spread of the Federal Government’s intervention to all already registered pilgrims whose payments have been received, the Commission determined that each pilgrim would now be required to pay a balance of N1,918,032.91 in accordance with the current foreign exchange rate.

Intending pilgrims for the 2024 Hajj are urged to complete their payments by 11:59 pm on March 28, 2024. The Commission’s system will close on March 29, with no further payments accepted thereafter.

Affected pilgrims should visit their state pilgrims boards to confirm their status. Below is a table showing the number of pilgrims from each state who have paid the Hajj fare and are expected to benefit from the intervention



S/N                                STATES                                         ACTUAL NO.OF SEATS PAID FOR

1                                     ABIA                                                    –

2                                 ADAMAWA                                            1,767
3                                AKWA IBOM                                              –
4                                 ANAMBRA                                               –

5                                   BAUCHI                                              2,290
6                                  BAYELSA                                               13
7                                    BENUE                                                87
8                                   BORNO                                               1,780
9                                CROSS RIVER                                            –
10                                  DELTA                                                  40
11                                EBONYI                                                  13
12                                  EDO                                                    265
13                                 EKITI                                                    186
14                                ENUGU                                                  18
15                              FCT,ABUJA                                             2,489
16                                GOMBE                                                 1,262
17                                   IMO                                                      98
18                               JIGAWA                                                  1,260
19                              KADUNA                                                 4,656
20                                 KANO                                                  2,906
21                              KATSINA                                                  2,654
22                                KEBBI                                                    3,344
23                                KOGI                                                        13
24                             KWARA                                                     3,100
25                              LAGOS                                                      1,857
26                           NASARAWA                                                 1,866
27                              NIGER                                                       3,200
28                              OGUN                                                        925

29                              ONDO                                                        491
30                              OSUN                                                        1,548
31                                OYO                                                          1,047
32                             PLATEAU                                                     1,345
33                               RIVERS                                                        42
34                            SOKOTO                                                       3,563
35                            TARABA                                                         1,000
36                             YOBE                                                            1,290
37                            ZAMFARA                                                       1,596
38                     ARMED FORCES                                                     403

TOTAL                                                                                           48,414

However, beginning today, March 24th, any new registration for the 2024 Hajj would attract the entire sum of N8,225,464.74 from the Adamawa/Borno axis. Fresh depositors from the North zone would pay N8, 254, 464.74, while those from the South zone will pay N8, 454, 464.74 as Hajj fare. All categories must pay by the same deadline.

While the Commission regrets the short notice, it was unavoidable following the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s severe warning to Nigeria about the delay in complying to the Hajj arrangement framework. NAHCON had already requested an extension, which was reluctantly granted, and now the Ministry’s patience is wearing thin.

For those opting to cancel their 2024 Hajj registration, it is advised to formally request refunds through their respective states, which will be promptly processed. The upcoming four days hold significance for stakeholders, particularly those intending to assist their pilgrims, to act swiftly and ensure seamless Hajj preparations. NAHCON is steadfast in its commitment to enhance the pilgrimage journey for Nigerian Muslims and seeks collaboration from all involved parties.

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