Man Rewarded with Hajj Slot, Cash, and Bus for returning missing N100m

Salihu AbdulHadi Kankia, a dedicated member of the First Aid Group of Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS), received a plethora of accolades for his remarkable act of integrity, returning a missing bag containing a substantial sum of over N100 million.

The commendations and rewards poured in during the grand closing ceremony honoring Islamic scholars who delivered this year’s enlightening Ramadan Tafsir in Bauchi. Engr. Mustapha Imam Sitti, the esteemed National Director of the First Aid Group, took a moment to introduce Kankia, praising his exceptional character and deed.

In a heartfelt post shared on its official Facebook page, the Bauchi State branch of JIBWIS detailed the incredible story: “Kankia stumbled upon a bag holding an immense amount, well exceeding one hundred million naira. Instead of yielding to temptation, he swiftly made his way to the nearest police station to report. With the police’s diligent assistance, the rightful owner was located. Upon inspection, the owner confirmed that not a single penny was missing.”

The post continued to highlight the tremendous recognition showered upon Kankia for his unwavering honesty. The Izala group, deeply moved by his integrity, bestowed upon him a prestigious award and generously sponsored his sacred pilgrimage to Hajj this year.

Adding to this display of appreciation, Honorable Abdulmalik Zannan Bangudu, an esteemed member of the Zamfara State Assembly, presented Kankia with a substantial sum of two million naira.

Not to be outdone, Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of Bauchi State personally handed Kankia the keys to a brand-new bus, a symbolic gesture marking the start of a promising business venture for the deserving individual.

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