Jumu’ah Post: Admonition

An admonition, from the one admonishing, is meant to be erected upon a base of sincerity to impact a positive turn upon the theme and objective of admonition.

The writer of this admonition – admonishing on the ideal principle of admonition – is also not excused from admonition, particularly on this aspect of not being hypocritical with admonition.

Admonitions are meant to be a symbol of sincere dignity, from those giving it out. It will be a high level of double standards to tell people, for example, to live a healthy life while you intentionally or unintentionally wallow in abject unhealthy ways. It is equally not an aligning (with morality/sincerity) principle, to want to always reject advice or admonitions when it is been dished out to you, but to always want to be the one in position of giving out admonishing contents.

We live a life revolving round a circle where we will be needing one another in almost everything we do, at some points in time, and giving of admonitions are major part of what is needed for us to live meaningful cooperative life.

Admonition to me, first. May Allah grant us goodness, Aameen.

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