Gunmen attack mosque, kill worshippers, abduct villagers in Katsina


In a series of violent incidents that shook Katsina State, armed assailants wreaked havoc on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, targeting a mosque, residences, and leaving behind a grim aftermath of casualties and kidnappings.

The most harrowing episode unfolded during Ishai prayer at Yargoje village, Kankara Local Government Area, where gunmen barged into the mosque, unleashing a hail of bullets upon worshippers.

According to eyewitnesses, the Gunmen brazenly opened fire upon entering, resulting in the tragic demise of three individuals, with four others sustaining injuries. The wounded are currently undergoing treatment at a medical facility in Kankara. Additionally, the attackers abducted a man and two women from the village, leaving a community gripped by fear and uncertainty.

In another chilling incident, armed intruders struck the home of Sani Maikifi, a local vigilante member residing in Ungwar Tudun Boka, Kankara. Despite Maikifi’s narrow escape, his family fell victim to the attackers, who abducted his wife and son, leaving behind a traumatized household.

Furthermore, the night of terror extended to Dangani village in Musawa LGA, where armed men descended around 11:30 pm, instigating panic with gunfire before seizing an undisclosed number of residents. Reports suggest that the assailants may have targeted a wealthy visitor from the southern region, complicating an already dire situation.

Amidst these heinous acts, law enforcement authorities have yet to issue an official statement, leaving the affected communities anxiously awaiting answers and seeking solace amidst the turmoil.

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