Kano Sold 2,600 Hajj Seats out of 5,943


The Kano state Pilgrims Welfare Board has been successful in securing the sale of a modest 2,600 Hajj seats, which only represents a fraction of the total 5,934 seats allocated to the state by the National Hajj Commission for the upcoming 2024 Hajj season.

During a ceremonial event held in Kano on Saturday, Alhaji Laminu Rabiu, the Director-General of the board, revealed this noteworthy statistic as he addressed a gathering marking the initiation of orientation training for the prospective 2024 pilgrims. In his address, he reassured the attendees that the board had meticulously orchestrated all the essential arrangements to ensure a smooth and seamless Hajj experience, both within Kano and upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Rabiu underscored the importance of active participation in the orientation sessions, which are scheduled to be conducted across an expansive network of 13 centers dispersed throughout Kano State. He urged the aspiring pilgrims to fully engage in these sessions, as they would serve as invaluable sources of enlightenment, imparting crucial knowledge and insights essential for a successful Hajj pilgrimage.

Furthermore, Rabiu said the board is fully ready on all logistical fronts. He assured everyone that they’ve carefully arranged everything needed for the upcoming Hajj journey, including places to stay, food, and transportation.

Additionally, Rabiu stressed the profound responsibility of intending pilgrims to honor Kano State and Nigeria during the Hajj pilgrimage. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the rules and regulations of the pilgrimage, highlighting the need for exemplary behavior and compliance throughout the journey.

Moreover, Rabiu mentioned that the deadline for issuing visas for the 2024 Hajj is April 29. He emphasized the importance of acting promptly and meeting procedural requirements, urging prospective pilgrims to expedite their preparations to ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience.

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