The Nigerian Mosque: Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos

The Lekki Central Mosque is located on the Hakeem Dickson street in Lekki phase 1. The mosque is notable as the first purpose-built mosque in Lagos. It is magnificent, the environment is green and secured; there is a facility for the elderly folks. This amazing structure of worship is the biggest central Mosque in the entire Lekki peninsula.

The mosque is tidy and has a pleasant atmosphere. The mosque’s commitment to maintaining its aesthetics makes for a comfortable and inviting visit. The walls and ceilings of the inside are decorated with eye-catching artwork.

The Lekki Central Mosque is a remarkable location providing a comprehensive Islamic centre experience. For those interested in Islamic education and spiritual contemplation, it’s a great option because of its wide range of educational programs and dedicated to creating a calm atmosphere.

It also features a library where you may use reference books for research. A variety of educational services are provided by the Lekki Central Mosque, including Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Western schools. The mosque also has a reputable Qur’ān Tahfid program in place, which guarantees a high calibre of Qur’ānic education.

Lekki Central Mosque is the principal reason fabricated mosque in Lagos and opened to general society. It assists and communicates with Muslims from all backgrounds by collaborating with many mosques located throughout the city. Numerous individuals, including members of the media, educators, college students, and those interested in learning more about Islam, frequently visit this edifice because it is one of the most well-known in the city.

The Imam conducts the fundamental religious and profound guidance, which includes leading the five daily petitions, the weekly Jumma and Eid supplications, memorial service supplications, and relational unions Nikkah at the Lekki Central Mosque. Accessible for guidance on matters pertaining to the afterlife and religion, as well as various matters impacting individuals, their families, and the local community.

The large number of worshippers here on Fridays is accompanied by sermons in English, Yoruba, and Hausa. As Salāt begins at 2:25 PM, aim to arrive as early as 12:30 PM. With a lovely Qur’ān recital of the Salāt, a helpful little talk following the Fajr prayer, a calm atmosphere, lovely and exquisite architecture, a patient congregation, obedience to the Sunnah and the Qur’ān, and the dissemination of true Islamic doctrine and education. It’s so befitting as a house of Allah.

The Lekki Central Mosque complex occupies 1.3 hectares and is made up of a 2000-capacity main bowl, a 15-classroom Madrasah, a functioning library with over 2000 books and e-book facilities, a 5000-capacity Eid prayer ground, a 150-capacity ablution centre, a 1000-capacity multipurpose hall, three semi-detached flats that double as guest houses and imam’s quarters, two service boys quarters, and an administrative office with modern tools.

Full Name:

  • Lekki Central Mosque



  • Lekki Muslim Ummah


Year of Opening:


Best Features:

  • With a stunning dome and minaret support, the main bowl has a capacity of 2000.


Architect Name:



  • Very Safe


  • 81A Hakeem Dickson, Lekki, Lagos.

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