Lekki Imam advises Muslims to avoid extravagant Fidau prayers

The Chief Imam of Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos State, Sheikh Ridwanullahi Jamiu, has delivered a compelling message urging Muslims to refrain from organizing elaborate fidau prayers or ceremonies in honor of their deceased relatives. He emphasized that such gatherings, commonly observed across the country, contradict Islamic principles.

In his address at an event hosted by the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Sheikh Jamiu stressed the importance of adhering strictly to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in all religious matters. He emphasized that the tradition of convening for prayers, celebrations, or ceremonies to commemorate deceased Muslims should be discouraged as it contradicts Islamic doctrine.

Sheikh Jamiu highlighted the significance of offering prayers to remember departed loved ones, asserting that there is no evidence supporting the organization of fidau prayers for them apart from the janaza prayer conducted as part of burial rites. He underscored the need for Muslims to base their actions on the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, emphasizing the importance of continuous prayers for the deceased rather than specific ceremonies on designated days.

Furthermore, Sheikh Jamiu warned against individuals holding ceremonies under the pretext of assisting the needy, emphasizing the importance of strictly adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet. He referenced the Prophet’s rejection of actions not rooted in Islamic teachings and stressed the obligation to provide practical assistance to bereaved families rather than engaging in ceremonial gestures.

Additionally, Sheikh Jamiu emphasized the importance of initiating charitable projects or acts of kindness in memory of the deceased, citing the Prophet’s teachings on the rewards received by the deceased for such endeavors. He encouraged families to engage in beneficial projects, transmit knowledge, and foster charitable deeds, emphasizing that such actions should not be tied to specific days or anniversaries but undertaken with sincerity and without ceremony.

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