NSCIA Activates Ummah Cares Initiative for Distributing Aid to Needy Muslims in Nigeria

Amid the prevailing economic challenges in Nigeria, compounded by the removal of the petrol subsidy, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has voiced its deep concerns regarding the far-reaching impacts on the nation’s populace.

In response to this pressing economic reality, the council has taken decisive action by activating its Ummah Cares Initiative, a strategic move aimed at providing solace to socially excluded members within the Muslim community who are grappling with the adverse effects of these circumstances.

According to a statement from Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, the Secretary-General of the NSCIA, the Ummah Cares Initiative is poised to mobilize resources nationwide, directing them toward individuals experiencing various forms of hardship due to the economic downturn. The initiative has outlined a range of multifaceted objectives, encompassing a broad spectrum of activities.

These activities include offering psycho-social support to Muslims facing natural and manmade disasters, advocating for governmental responses to the economic challenges confronting the Muslim Ummah, providing religious and educational guidance to the economically disadvantaged, serving as a conduit between the affluent and the less privileged in alignment with Islamic principles of rights and responsibilities, and fostering collaboration with diverse stakeholders, both governmental and non-governmental.

Furthermore, the NSCIA detailed its intention to transition the initiative into the Mission for Education, Society, and Health (MESH) once the emergency relief efforts are concluded. This transition underscores the council’s commitment to sustaining efforts to alleviate the suffering of Nigerian Muslims and address the fundamental needs of the most vulnerable members of society. The strategy for executing this initiative is founded on a five-pronged approach, encompassing awareness creation, the establishment of a robust leadership structure, resource mobilization, active volunteering, and the effective execution of projects aimed at bringing about positive change within the community.

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