Casualties Recorded As Explosion Hits Ibadan

The Oyo State Government on Tuesday evening confirmed what it described as “an uncommon explosion.” Residents of Ibadan are in a state of terror after a catastrophic explosion occurred at 8 p.m. yesterday in the Dejo Oyelese, Adeyi neighborhood, Oyo State Housing Estate, Bodija. The incident is linked to an explosion, fallen structures, and numerous people believed dead.

Local media reports that among the affected areas were a section of the Governor’s Office, Secretariat, Oyo State House of Assembly, the residence of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, some buildings at Ologuneru, Apete, New Garage, Bashorun, Akobo, Sango and Eleyele.

Already, bomb detectors of the Nigeria Police Force, as well as men of the Nigerian Army, Fire Service and other security bodies are presently at the Adeyi area.

The Explosion

When word spread on Tuesday that there had been an explosion in several areas of the state capital of Oyo State, residents of Ibadan, voiced fear. Videos on the internet displayed burning automobiles and houses with a dusty cloud over them.

In the Sango and Agbowo-UI-Orogin neighborhood of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, witnesses reported hearing a loud noise.

Dr. Ment said,”Ọmọ, I’ve never felt so trembled all my entire life. I thought the world was about to end; just around 7pm, we heard a loud sound in my school, University of Ibadan. Not only did we hear the sound but we felt the impact, more like a wave. I literally felt the vibration as I lay down on my bed in my room.”

He continued: “We were wondering what happened. Some people said it’s bomb, some said it’s an earthquake whole some one even said alien landed in Ibadan. Although, we now hear that it was a gas explosion around bodija/sango area and the vibration damaged a lot of things close to that area. Even a mall collapsed.”

“I’m still wondering how the main site of the gas explosion will be right now because for the sound to be heard and felt by people far away, it must be very serious; if you have any relatives or loved ones in Ibadan, please check up on them. May God continue to protect all of us, ” he added.

A resident of Orogun said that she heard the deafening sound, saying, “It felt like a tremor that shook the house.”

Another source in the Agbowo area said he heard it was a gas explosion. However, this could not be independently confirmed

Report from Agidigbo 887 FM noted that Dominos Pizza Building at Bodija affected by the explosion that hit Ibadan this evening. Authorities are yet to confirm the cause of the shock wave. This is pathetic!

Oyo State government has taken over- Commissioner

The Oyo state’s Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Prince Dotun Oyelade, gave the confirmation in a statement. He however acknowledged that there were various interpretations of the incident.

“But it is important for us to state categorically that the state government has taken over and in the full control of the unfortunate occurrence in order to mitigate the incident,” the Commissioner said.

Oyelade disclosed that security service chiefs, including those of the paramilitary, as well as Fire Service operatives, have been deployed by the state governor, Seyi Makinde.

“This is to rein in the spill-over from the explosion,” he added.

The Commissioner said Governor Makinde has implored citizens to calm down and be rest assured that their interests are being looked after.

Urgent Appeal

It has now been confirmed by doctors on ground at UCH Ibadan that the casualties and victims of the Ibadan explosion are now arriving for emergency treatment.

Many of them are victims of collapsed buildings and they need emergency blood transfusions to save their lives.
Please, if you are in Ibadan, and you live close to UCH hospital or hospitals around the Adeyi avenue, please kindly go and donate blood to help save the lives of the explosion victims.

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