Jumu’ah Post: Closeness To Fortune

Closeness To Fortune: We are headed to each of our unique destinations, by the virtue of all that come out of our respective being. The moves we make are steps closer to where we will eventually end up and this defines how close we are, to a final destination that is pleasurable or the one which is filled with chaos and discomfort.

Fortunate are the ones that will strive hard, even though it’s not guaranteed to be a smooth ride, to earn Allah’s pleasure,in order to acquire that fortune of the Hereafter, while unfortunate are the ones that will act in tandem with what is against Allah’s orders. May Allah save us from such unfortunate event. Aameen.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to be in a place where dishing out advises or admonitions seems to flow well, but the actual implementation of those advises, even by the person giving them, becomes difficult. This is why constant reminders are what will benefit the believers, so that our strenuous sojourn on this earth will not be met with hardship, but with fortune, in the Hereafter. Admonition to my self, first.

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Ina Lillian wina ilahi rojiuna , Allah bless Nigeria and make directly solution to all our charlleges in Nigeria and Islam


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