Jumu’ah Post: Reverence To Allah’s Injunctions

There is no regulated system without the ruled out injunctions that set it on the straight course it appears to follow. The guiding principles that have been laid down – diversion from which, can be disastrous and punishable – are what seem to set a system to work and be balanced.

To have these set of injunctions/laid down principles is one thing, and to have them followed is another. The latter, if taken religiously, is better than the former, even if they were to be in millions, where they’re not followed.

We hear and see how people strive to adhere to certain injunctions proposed by humans, just to fulfil their desires of the worldly benefits. Rulings as such may be court injunctions on policies proposed by the governmental body of a particular place, institutional rulings on conduct of their members. Some of these, in some cases, have their roots and intentions binded to corruption and other vices, but because we are so focused on the outcome, damning the possible negative consequences they may bring, we stick to upholding them.

As we have the human inspired legislations, so we have Allah’s legislated injunctions that are not just to be followed, but to be made part of our lives. To follow them religiously is to achieve victory in this life and the hereafter. None of Allah’s injunction is little or irrelevant to be upheld, as they are all important matters. Our Creator isn’t a Lord of unseriousness where He makes a statement for the purpose of it to have the permissibility of it being overlooked by us. We must honor and revere Him in His entirety.

Allah’s injunctions cut across all facets of life, and the ideal and required guiding platform to learn all these, is the Qur’an, and the traditions of the noble Messenger (PBUH) in his Hadith and mode of life. Important matters that are taken with pinch of salt in recent times are as a result of deviance from and insincerity to our Lord’s caution.

May Allah rectify all our misdeeds and make us conform with His path, Aameen.

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