“Indeed it was Dua, Hard work and Sabr” says Muslimah Who Bags First Class, 6 Awards At OAU 47th Convocation

Mariam Sanni, a recent graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University’s OAU 47th Convocation, received six accolades, including department and faculty prizes, and graduated with first class honours (4.71/5) in Chemical Engineering.

She tweeted about her accomplishments: “At the just concluded 47th Convocation at Obafemi Awolowo University, I graduated with first class honours (4.71/5) from the department of Chemical Engineering and I was awarded 6 awards, which included both departmental and faculty prizes.” Additionally, Mariam listed the prizes as follows:

Departmental Prizes

  • Wives of UNIFE Chemical Engineering Class of 1974 for best graduating female student.
  • Chemical Engineering OAU Alumni’74 Prize for the best graduating student in Unit Operations.
  • Chemical Engineering OAU Alumni’74 Prize for the student with the best performance in
  • Engineering Economics and Management.

Faculty Prizes

  • Engineer Mayen Modupeola Eshiett Adetiba’s prize for the best female engineering graduating student.
  • Zonta International Prize(OAU Ile-Ife Branch) for the best graduating female engineering student.
  • Women Development Initiative Prize for the best graduating female engineering student.

Reflecting about her university years, she remarked,”In my time as an undergraduate, while maintaining academic excellence, I participated and won a number of national and international competitions such as the SPE NC petroquiz competition.” “I also volunteered in a number of positions, such as serving as the sister coordinator of Faculty of Technology Muslim Student Association (FATEMSA) in 500 level, Communications and Outreach committee member of SPE Lagos Section 61, the Vice President of American Institute of Chemical Engineers OAU chapter (AIChE OAU) & Media and Sister Chapter relations of AIChE OAU.”

Her success formula:”Indeed it was Dua + Hard work + Sabr that led to this great feat!”

In 2015, at age 13 as a student of the Ota Total Academy, Ota, Ogun State, Mariam was a finalist in the Cowbellpedia show (Seniors Category).

Meanwhile, her love for research has lead her to recently collaborate with the Amanchukwu Lab at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago. In this role, according to her, she conducted groundbreaking research on modelling lithium electrodeposition from molten salt electrolytes, further solidifying her commitment to advancing chemical engineering knowledge.

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9 comments on ““Indeed it was Dua, Hard work and Sabr” says Muslimah Who Bags First Class, 6 Awards At OAU 47th Convocation

Huseinah Adeyanju

Alhamdulillah, Barakallahufihi dear🥳🫶🏼

Aisha Abdul Waheed

Barakallahu feeh


Baraka Llahu fihi my dear sister in Islam
You’re indeed a proud to our religion “AL-ISLAM”.
Keep it up.

Mamman Bala Ingawa

Compliment of the day to every one, thank you my brothers and sisters my superiors and subordinates.


Barokalahu feekum 💐❤️


Barakallahu fihi ukhti
I was in awe reading what you have achieved
May Almighty Allah bless this for you and open doors of greater opportunities for you.


I am deeply in love with such a grade. I hope Allah see every Muslims through this journey (Dunyah). Amen


Barakallahu fiih sister
You’re going more higher places/ranks bihidnillah 🤲


Barakalahu Fihi Sister Well done You’re Proud of Muslim


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